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Bani Sadr, in Help of Ramsey Clark, in collaboration with Mullahs
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Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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I am an ex Muslim. Please download this video of stoning for everyone to see. Everyone must see this stoning. Let me know if you don't want to upload it. thanks. Nice site. Down with Islam.

The link above is for documentation purpose only, this site has no affiliation with this or any other links listed in this website.

For the Children of Iran What Legacy will be left by this generation to the future People of Iran and the Citizens of our World?

  • Who will eradicate the current slavery imprisoning this noble people?
  • Who will be prepared for this change? Who will describe the Vision for Iran?
  • Who will devise a plan for the future of Iran?
  • Who will have the courage to present this plan to Iran and the world?
  • Who will be prepared to shed their blood for the freedom of the current and future generations?

The world is watching Iran hoping for a change. It is up to the people of Iran to describe who they are and what they desire as a change from their current government. The description of whom Iran is to become will challenge the citizens of Iran and the world to assist in this transformation from Slavery to Liberty.
The youth can be a catalyst to bring this land to the edge of change - but to what will it change.

For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure. Iran needs hope. Hope produces a belief that something good is about to happen. What is that something good? I challenge the Citizens of Iran.

Choose able leaders from inside your country. Choose leaders for every position of government throughout the land. Let these brave people determine and describe a government and a plan. Convey this plan to the Citizens of Iran and the World. The Citizens of the World will assist you. There may be blood in the streets - this blood will wash away the stain of the current and past repression as well as speak to this Current Generation, the World and Future Generations demonstrating an uncommon heroism of a great people.

  • What is "A Free People?"
  • Is it safe for your children to walk in the streets?
  • Is there a consistent fair rule of law?
  • Do the political leaders represent a clear will of the people in their decisions?
  • Is information regarding the activities within and without the country freely available?
  • Can any Citizen freely/openly express their opinion in any matter?
  • Is there freedom of assembly?
  • Is there freedom of expression in worship?
  • Do the expenditures of government represent the will and ideals of the people?
  • Can you freely challenge decisions of leaders of all organizations?
  • Are all public policy decisions open to free and public debate?

The Year 2002 will find that the Religious/Political leaders of Iran will loose face. New leaders will raise up, who will allow the full and free expressions of all ideas, and ideals throughout the Nation of Iran. Will this be long lasting?

Those who love freedom are praying for you.
Ronald G. Ferguson

Dear compatriot, This page truly exposes the nefarious islamic regimes' true nature! These acts cannot have been done by TRUE Iranians/Persians, whoever did this shall never be called an Iranian/Persian (Nobleman).

These people are barbaric, unhuman, and have no feelings what so ever! Not worthy of being called human beings! They should be wiped off this Earth!
Exterminated forever! I hope they burn in HELL!

They've taken our once GLORIOUS country back to the middle ages! They've deprived our, my fellow, youth back in Iran, and the rest of the population of their RIGHTS! & of a DIGNIFIED LIFE! They've brainwashed millions! This has to end! It's time for us to awaken!


Visitor to the Site: K. Email: gig....@hotmail.com

Death to all ayatollahs! Love the site, hope secularity is achieved VERY soon!
Visitor to the site: October 22, 2002 - Camron

I would like to say that I am not an advocate of violence. I am proactive in human rights and I believe the atrocities in Iran must come to a swift hault.

having said that, I must express my disgust with this website, not for it's graphic images but rather for it's miscommunication of the islamic culture. I am not a muslim but I do know that the alleged "excerpts" that were posted on this page may have come from one version of the koran, not every version. This website is an insult to every muslim. This site insinuates Islam as a sadistic religion, holding no moral obligations. If your objective is peace you are going the wrong way about it.

Public awareness is imperative, propaganda is not!!!! this is the exact reason for social hostilty. We don't need ant more of this. The truth comes out just as clear without the dripping blood at the top of a page, next time stick to the facts.

Visitor to the site: November 01, 2002 Signed: NA - E-mail - gia52...@.... com

Although we agree with your (above) general premise but there are some facts about Islam and Koran that require in depth attention. Every coin has two sides. Koran is not exception, nor are other religious books. This site is not in business of insulting one's belief or one's personal opinion. Democracy and Freedom requires the public to understand, feel and register both sides of every human story. Over centuries only poetic side of Koran taught and/or shown to people, this site makes sure that other side of the religious coin is made available to youth and those who wish to learn.

I'm a university student in Iran, Mashhad. I'm 20 year old. I don't know were you are and why you do this. but i hate to read or here great lies.I hate those who hide the truth. many people were killed in the early days, and sure some were not so guilty to be killed; but many of them were blood thirsty generals and regime servants who killed many people in streets. you show them as they were all innocent childs! you hide the fact that no body wanted shah, and ridiculously try to say England made the revolution happen! you say Sepah made about 20 million people say yes to "jomhouri eslami"! you are all lying and changing the truth. i wanted to tell you, even if you don't hear, that many many people are yet completely loyal to the things they have obtained with great problems. they have suffered lots of problems, and some are going to get despaired, I admit, but mostly have islam in their heart, and honor the great "imam khomeini" you try to hide this, and use our weaknesses as much as you can, and you know well how to do it! but never ever you can change our faith in Allah, and make us leave the valuable treasure we have. now I and many others know the mistakes we have made, and we'll try to compensate. you think you're damaging us, but you build us. shall God show you our improvement, and your dissipation. think of what you're doing, between you and God whom nobody can deny, and judge yourself. a young Persian Muslim

Visitor to the site: Signed: S.M.Sajjadi - E-mail - pmaldini1982@......com

Your words contradicts in most part. You admit to your mistake. There are some facts about Islam and Koran that require in depth attention. Every coin has two sides. Islam is not exception, nor are other religions. This site is not in business of insulting one's belief or one's personal opinion. You are strongly suggested reading Dr. Shojaeddin Shafa's book "Tavalodi Digar" if you read Parsi, the book has been made available on the internet www.sh-shafa.com.

Democracy and Freedom requires the public to understand, feel and register both sides of every human story. Over centuries only poetic side of Koran taught and/or shown to people, this site makes sure that other side of the religious coin is made available to youth and those who wish to learn.

If you are wise enough, we gladly would like to post your message following reading Shafa's book.

I'm an Iranian living inside Iran. As I was researching for articles on terrorism I came across your site. I'm curious, what is your purpose and cause today beyond exposing acts of terror. As a concerned Iranian I am interested to know.

Visitor to the site: December 17, 2002 Signed: Br S. S. - E-mail - shahabi@..........com


The site is bringing about the atrocities and violations of Iranian rights over and beyond the violations of human rights; by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The rest should be self evident and no need for further elaboration. Payandeh Iran.

Hello, Just wanted to say hate brings hate, terror brings terror, and extremism brings extremism. (extremism)

How come you don't see your fellow human citizens of world are dying in Palestine? What is their crim? (crime) Being born there? What about Iran and Iraq being under sanctions for years? Their crime? Don't like the capitalism and imperialism? (Imperialism)

Iran is NOT on a tragic path but its people are! By weakening Islam by making such sites as your, you make our enemies stronger. Americans, British, Israelies, (Israelis) or others careless about Iranians and their future. They only care about themselves. If they did really care they would not have overthrown the Mosadeq (Mosadegh) government! You are mixing things up!

A rapor (rapper) must be punished and sure he needs to be stoned! It is not only in Quran but also in the Bible but Christians and Jews want to overlook that. A criminal must be punished. This is how the rate of crime stay low and protects a society. Remember that I am not defending the Iranian government however I am defending Islam. Every rule of it is fair. Don't commit crime don't get punished!
(Typos are original as it appeared in this visitor's e-mail, corrected items are between brackets)

A Concern Iranian
Visitor to the site January 23, 2003.

Rest assure that this site is not to please American, British or Israelis, this site is to tell the world including Iranians what goes inside Iran, banned to be tolled by reporters and its citizens.

We suggest for you to read the book called Tavalodi Digar (Rebirth) "Click here".

The rate of crime in countries that are outside Islam world are lot lower than those of extreme Islamic regimes. Not necessarily religion mixed with government keeps the crime rate low.

Dear Sir,
I heard of human rights violations in Iran, but when I saw your homepage I can hardly believe that things like public executions are happening in Iran in the moment. Are you sure that photos like that of the young man being hanged Tuesday, Jan 2003 are not faked? How can we (group of German doctors) support you? Yours sincerely,
Dr. G. Loyen
Visitor to the site February 03, 2003.

We at Holycrime.com truly appreciate your concern for our people and your humanitarian gesture towards building a better future of our homeland, Iran.

This site is based on facts; all documents, pictures, articles are collected from legitimate sources. Every source is referenced and indicated as you browse through the site.

Iranians required no other form of help, except for the International bodies to recognize their struggle for Freedom and Liberty.

Nation of Iran like other nations deserves to enjoy liberty and freedom and be able to live in peace without fear of unjust seizure and prosecution. Interference of other REGIMES or governments, nor only in Iran's neither that of other nations and tribes affair should be tolerated. Certainly Humanitarian help with no further expectation of favour always welcomed by any human specie.

If Germany, France, Britain or USA dislikes interferences of others', they enjoy having FREEDOM on their own affairs, including but not limited to trade; therefore Iranians are entitled to experience the same. Any help that can make respective government(s) in Europe or elsewhere to understand the psychology of such FREEDOM for ALL certainly will be appreciated by all Iranians.

We believe the best you can do is relay your concerns to your respective government officials and bring this site to the attention of your friends and family. Islamic Regime is currently receiving tremendous support from European Union, without whom the Islamic Republic could not survive a day. If the EU would stop support of this barbaric regime, the people of Iran would take care of their own affairs.

Your view point/comment will appear here!

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