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Arrival of evil!
"I have no feeling on my return to Iran!" Said Khomeini in a return flight to Iran after 15 years in exile

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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Arrest of members of music group

Khorassan daily, July 31 – The Public Relations of the Revolutionary Guards Forces announced: The members of a musical group who were performing in a wedding party were arrested for acting against Islamic sanctities. Anti-vice agents arrested two of the musicians and handed them over to judiciary officials.

“Playing loud music in the car is a crime”

Agence France Presse, Aug. 8, Tehran - The judiciary in the western Iranian province of Hamedan has ordered that anyone caught playing thumping tunes in their cars should be subject to jail terms or lashes, the official news agency IRNA said Sunday.

"Playing any type of music loud in the vehicles is regarded as a crime and violators will be dealt by legal measures," the agency quoted Hamedan province's judiciary as saying in a statement.

Majlis proposes national costume to combat western fashions

AFP, Aug. 18, Tehran - Iran's conservative parliament is preparing designs for national Islamic costumes to combat the corrupting influence of Western fashion, a prominent MP said Wednesday.

"We have to design new trends within the framework of an Islamic dress code. Both men and women need a national costume," Emad Afroogh, head of the parliamentary cultural commission, told student news agency ISNA

Commander of State Security Forces warns against improper veil

Jomhouri Islami daily, August 1 The commander of the State Security Forces in Port of Anzali urged all women and visitors of this town to abide by the rules regarding the veil.

He said: “If people disregard the laws regarding the veil, they will be legally dealt with according to article 638 of the State Security Forces."

Intimidating wall graffiti against women and girls in North Tehran

Rouydad website, Aug. 2 Witnesses say that there are intimidating wall graffiti against women and girls in some regions of North Tehran.

The graffiti written in large red letters say: “Improper veiling – two months imprisonment, bare feet – 74 lashes”.

Tehran's municipality which is charged with dealing with these situations has refrained from cleaning the slogans written by anonymous groups.

51 women and girls arrested in Gilan province

ISNA, Aug. 6 - Fifty-one women and girls were arrested in Gilan Province on charges of improper veiling. Gilan's State Security Forces announced: Thirty two improperly veiled women and girls in Lahijan and 19 others in Rasht were arrested under the plan to counter "public manifestations of corruption".

132 women arrested on charges of “improper veil”

Sharq daily, Aug. 7 The head of the Information Center of Semnan Province's State Security Forces announced the arrest of 132 women with improper veiling. He said that according to the law of Islamic punishment, women with improper veiling who appear in public will be sentenced to jail terms ranging from 10 days to two months or a fine of 50 to 500 thousand rials.

Iran officials' links to trafficking of Iranian girls

Peik Net Website, Aug. 22 Ansar Hezbollah has weekly meetings. In one of their latest weekly meetings a Hojjat-ol-Islam(high ranked clerical leader) named Kashani said: "The State Security Forces, Judiciary and Intelligence Ministry should know – of course I'm sure they do know – that some corruption rings are linked to powerful infiltrators in the Islamic Republic and I am willing to prove this issue to anyone and show evidence. In the cases of selling (Iranian) girls to Dubai Sheikhs, they do this with complete security and are sure that no system will stand in their way when they sell Iranian girls for at least between 12 to 15 million(15 to 20 thousand dollars) to Arab Sheikhs..." 

Islamic Republic;  3rd country in suicide rate

Iran daily, Aug. 5 The World Health Organization introduced Iran as the third country with high suicide rate after Colombia and India in 2001.

Execution of Iranian girl angers human rights group

AFP, Aug. 24 London - Amnesty International has expressed its outrage at the reported execution of a girl, believed to be 16, in Iran.

The London-based human rights group said Ateqeh Rajabi was reportedly publicly executed on August 15 for "acts incompatible with chastity".

The group said Rajabi "was not believed to be mentally competent" and "reportedly did not have access to a lawyer at any stage" of her trial.

"Amnesty International believes the execution of Ateqeh Rajabi underlines the urgent necessity that Iran pass legislation removing provision for the execution of child offenders," according to a statement yesterday.

Amnesty said Rajabi's hanging was the 10th execution of a child offender in Iran since 1990.
Urging Iran to at least raise the minimum age of execution to 18, Amnesty also called for clarification on whether Rajabi had legal representation and whether a legally approved doctor deemed her psychologically fit to stand trial.

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The doors of Cinema Rex, Abadan, was closed, locked, fuel used to arson the movie theatre and burned down, several hundreds of people died. Early crime of Khomeini and his brain-washed followers arson the theatre!

When knife cuts...
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