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Execution; November 2004

2 young men to be executed

Etemad daily, Nov. 1 – The Supreme Court upheld the death decree for a 24-year-old man by the name of Moussa. This young man will soon be taken to the gallows.

Iran daily, Nov. 1 – A young worker has been sentenced to execution by a court judge.

3 death sentences

Khorassan daily, Nov. 7 – Tayebeh, a 28-year-old woman, was sentenced to death. The Supreme Court upheld the death sentences for two men named Alireza, 29, in Karaj, and Behrouz in Qazvin.

Death sentence in Tehran

Iran daily, Nov. 10 – A man in Tehran was sentenced to death. He was charged with killing a Tehran district mayor.

16-year-old boy to be executed

AFP, Nov. 16, Tehran - Iran's hard-line judiciary has sentenced a 16-year-old boy to death. The boy was only identified as Vahid.

Political prisoner to be executed

INTV, Nov. 21 - An Iranian political prisoner was sentenced to death. The state-run Iran daily reported that Hojat Z. was sentenced to death for allegedly bombing the regime's Engelab building in 1998.

The man sentenced to death is the brother of one of the slain Mojahedin members Khaz-al Zamani, from the city of Ilam.

Political observers say issuing the death sentence for a case from six and a half years ago is only a reaction to the great blow the regime has received from the resistance's revelation of its clandestine atomic sites in recent days.

Boy, 19, sentenced to death

Iran daily, Nov. 21 - The Iranian officials in Tehran issued the death sentence for a 19-year old boy by the name of Majid.

Three execution sentences

Aftab Daily, Nov. 22 - Death sentences have been issued for two men by the names of Mohsen and Davoud who are accused of clashing with security forces. During this clash that took place 45 days ago, the forces fired at these two young men, killing one passer-by and injuring another. The Supreme Court also issued 5 death sentences in public for a man in Tehran. He is to be hanged mid-December in Tehran's Qaytarieh district.

Execution in Public

INTV, Nov. 25 - An individual accused of murder was executed on Tuesday November 23 in the city of Isfahan. His sentence was carried out at 6 am in Touqhchi square (Qods).

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