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Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,

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Torture Methods used in the Islamic Regime on Iran's Students.

Following arrest; students or decedents are severely beaten. If female they are raped or scared them of such crime.

The students are kept awake for several days by physical beatings, pouring hot water into their ear, standing them on the edge of tall buildings, exposing them to 10 hours of very loud excruciating noise which collapses them into a nervous breakdown, constant verbal abuse, denying them drinking water and giving them inedible food, and preventing them from going to the toilet.

Many of the imprisoned students have developed nervous problems and many are suffering from physical ailments.

Constant cries of the detained students can be heard in the corridors of the Evin prison which adds to the overall awe of this Islamic dungeon.

According to the latest reports, the majority of the interrogations are carried out by a notorious interrogator known as Bakhshi, who works under the direct orders of the Judge Saeed Mortazavi.

Amongst other names that are mentioned is torturer known by the name Nakheii.

Students are forced to undergo this treatment in order to break down their spirits and confess anything the interrogators ask them to.

As usual much of what they have to confess is involvement in sexual deviances.

Parsi Version
Source : Amirkabir University Students website.


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