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Dear Sir,
I heard of human rights violations in Iran, but when I saw your homepage I can hardly believe that things like public executions are happening in Iran in the moment. Are you sure that photos like that of the young man being hanged Tuesday, Jan 2003 are not faked? How can we (group of german doctors) support you? Yours sincerely,
Dr. G. Loyen
Visitor to the site February 03, 2003.

We at Holycrime.com truly appreciate your concern for our people and your humanitarian gesture towards building a better future of our homeland, Iran.

This site is based on facts; all documents, pictures, articles are collected from legitimate sources. Every source is referenced and indicated as you browse through the site.

Iranians required no other form of help, except for the International bodies to recognize their struggle for Freedom and Liberty.

Nation of Iran like other nations deserves to enjoy liberty and freedom and be able to live in peace without fear of unjust seizure and prosecution. Interference of other REGIMES or governments, nor only in Iran's neither that of other nations and tribes affair should be tolerated. Certainly Humanitarian help with no further expectation of favor always welcomed by any human specie.

If Germany, France, Britain or USA dislikes interferences of others', they enjoy having FREEDOM on their own affairs, including but not limited to trade; therefore Iranians are entitled to experience the same. Any help that can make respective government(s) in Europe or elsewhere to understand the psychology of such FREEDOM for ALL certainly will be appreciated by all Iranians.

We believe the best you can do is relay your concerns to your respective government officials and bring this site to the attention of your friends and family. Islamic Regime is currently receiving tremendous support from European Union, without whom the Islamic Republic could not survive a day. If the EU would stop support of this barbaric regime, the people of Iran would take care of their own affairs.

Dear compatriot,

Thank you for putting up this site and exposing the kind of monstrous and murderous regime Islamic republic is.

Our struggle is not over until Khameni, Khatami, Rafsenjani, Shamkhani, Yazdi, Khalkhali....Etc., and the rest of the gang of fascists, looters and murderers are tried in an international court for the crimes against humanity, and to see our country free again and on the road towards modernity and civility.

For those who question and criticize your site, all I can say to them is: To educate themselves, to read Iranian history in depth, to learn humanity and compassion, to learn dignity and patriotism, to open their heart and soul, to embrace enlightenment and modernism, to give up hate and oghdeh and to follow the path of the great Iranian prophet Zartosht.


none@....com Visitor to the site: February 05, 2003,


Thank you. Comment of patriots like you is courage not only for us but to those who may question legitimacy of this site.

Dear Holycrime,

Since your site name is holy-crime my question was when reform is making a tradition of democracy such as one that allows the opponents to talk are you going to change the name of the site? Most of the information in this site is ancient. Is it not easier to include a copy of the UN human rights report instead? Or is there more hate than the cause of the crimes that you are complaining about. How can we fix this?
Bring a worse candidate like shah back or a terrorist group or we want a leader like Saddam, Mosharf, Afghanistan (war torn yet not elected by vote one official). I think our intellectuals need to be more realistic. In 2002: 21,000 people died in the auto accident in Iran.
By UN report there were 139 hanging cases most of which were drug traffickers and rappers (due respect for an unknown few that might have been executed for political reasons like 4 Kurds).
My curiosity is we think our people should be going to another internal war. As our per income capita from oil is about $ 250 per year we can't afford to import bicycles for our people Iran is the 14 largest maker of cars and is making head way in a lots of other industries.
Democracy is only achieved by reform. Democracy can not be imported or brought about by military coups.
Let's support reform in Iran. Iran today is in the path of making a tradition of Democracy. You efforts to cling to the old bloody history will only keep us divided and carry on hate. However, our social, economical, civil, health, education, industry and agricultural needs will not stop. Support reforms in Iran to bring about a tradition of democracy and change. The greatest freedoms in the US constitution were brought about by amendments. The negatives will always be there. Pres. Bush signed for the execution of 50 or 150 convicts. The democracy is not imported but it is a tradition that must be achieved. Also, I suggest including the Israel massacre of Palestinians in here too since Israel is formed through a religious claim in the Old Testament that the land of Israel will be established. Or your signet is only targeting Iran as a pre-assigned enemy. So, my view is to keep with the news that are NEW and be realistic. The rest is assured. Thank you,


hessaletaha@yahoo.com Visitor to the site: February 16, 2003,



We thank you for visiting HollyCrime.com.

  • The information on this website is based on the legitimated news and are collected from most recent events. If you have been reading early pages only, please keep browsing until the end where you will find the fresh news and pictures.
  • Crimes listed in this site committed by Holiness of religion and, its name will remain unchanged.
  • 21,000 victims of auto accident can be listed as crime of Holly Ayatollahs, failed delivering proper road links, education, law and order to the drivers and pedestrians.
  • Labeling political prisoners, or executed individuals as drug traffickers or rapper is tactic of Islamic Regime and the world is well aware of it.
  • No religious regime achieved to be democratic, and the regime Ayatollahs is non-reform-able, not-democratic, and never will be one. Koran never suggested a democratic movement, what is based on Koran is un-democratic.
  • This is not about Hate, it is based on revealing truth, recording history of Holly Crimes of Ayatollahs. It is not about USA, it is about Iran.
  • This site is about Iran, let Palestinians worry to defend themselves.
  • Target is not Iran, Target is Religion, and outcome of such religious regime.

So it is good to ask?

  • When we don't Rape someone, Hang someone, Torture, stone is it because we are not Political?
  • When we respect Humanity, is it because we are Political?

dear terrorists: palying with adobe photoshop is more foolish from kissing an ass. send your photo to me and i will send it to you after i liquify it with adobe photoshop. khoda ya khoda ya ta inghelab e mahdi az nehzat e KHOMEYNI mohafezat befarma KHAMENEI ye rahbar be lotfe khod negah dar zohoor e hojjatat ra nazdik tar befarma DOWN WITH usa DOWN WITH israil DOWN WITH england DOWN WITH monafeghin at the end: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOU!!!!!

javoon iroony
Email: iroony@iroony.com Visitor to the site: April 24, 2003 1:08 PM



We thank you for your insightful message! It is great to see the elegance and style used by the followers of those whom majority oppose. There is hope afterall.

Pas az arze salam,meekhastam beporsam keh shoma chetor meetavaneed az mamooran SAVAK va mamoorane dastgahe ghabl az enghelab keh farzandane mardom ra zeere shekanjeh bordand,beh khaharan va madaraneshan tajavoze jensee kardand,ashkhasee keh por az oghdeh va kambood boodand,keh aksaran dahatee va shahrestanee boodand, va ba shekanjeh va koshtane mardom oghdehayeshan ra khalee meekardand,beh onvane shakhsee javanmard,baehteram, daleer tareef koneed??? Meedanam keh javabe man ra hatman nakhaheed dad.

Email: gujimuji@netzero.net Visitor to the site: May 18, 2003 2:18 PM



Ba sepas az estefaadeh-e shoma az site Holycrime; ghezavat dar morede ashkhaas, tebghe ossule hoghoughe bashar, beh ohdeh mardom aadi nist va bayasti jorme anan dar dadgaah-hay-e saleheh taain shodeh bashad. Ghezavati keh shoma mikonid, ghezavati ast gheyre masoul. Omid-var hastim keh rouzi in dark dar mardom beh andazehi roshd konad keh hargez bedune masouliat hamdigar ra mahkoum nakonand. In kar dar keshvar haye motemaden jorm mahsub mishavad.

Hello my name is Eva and I'm from Germany (so sorry for my English)- first I wanna thank u for this page - cause I saw hundreds of pages about Islam crimes and no one shows the tragedy as good as your page does.
I told my teacher that I wanna show these crimes to the rest of my class - unfortunately I cannot see the film (about the child). I think that some films would reflect the horror best!!! So is my Question - may u send me some links or other adresses where I can download such a film? Or is it possible that u send me the film from your page by e-mail? I would be very greatful - and please don't stop this page - it was the only one which made me cry.

Eva L.....nn
Email: Traenen_kind@.........com ---------------


We would like to thank you for your comments. Please come back; this site is updated as crimes occurrence under Islam and clergies' rule.

The Child video which appeared on http://idirector.media.ibeam.com/ has not been owned by us. Unfortunately the site is no longer available therefore the child video is missing.
Sorry we could not locate other links to this amazing video; therefore the link has been removed.

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