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ماجرای بغايت غم انگيز و خشم آور

 دختر 16 ساله که در نکا اعدام شد!


اين حکم بنا به درخواست شخص  رئيس  دادگستری  نکا  و  تائيد ديوان    عالی  کشور و موافقت  رئيس   قوه   قضائيه  انجام گرفت 

اين اعدام در حالی صورت گرفت که سن اين دختر نوجوان در  شناسنامه  ۱۶ سال می باشد اما دادگستری  شهرستان   نکا  سن وی را به دروغ  ۲۲ سال  اعلام نمود.

 اين دختر نوجوان ۳ ماه پيش در هنگام حضور در دادگاه به  رئيس  دادگاه  نکا  ، حاجی رضاِ ، که  رئيس  دادگستری  نکا نيز  ميباشد بخاطر خشم فراوان    چند  ناسزا   گفت    و گفته ميشود   وی در دادگاه   بعنوان اعتراض بخشی از لباسهايش را نيز درآورد .  اين حرکت دختر  نوجوان خشم   رئيس  دادگستری را برانگيخت   و شخصا پرونده وی  را پيگيری کرد  و در مدتی کمتر از ۳ ماه  تائيد  حکم اعدام   آتفه  را از  ديوان  عالی کشور  گرفت.  خشم و کينه   حاجی رضاِ ، رئيس دادگاه  آنچنان شديد  بود که  خود طناب را  بر گردن اين دختر  16 ساله انداخت  و  جرثقيل با اشاره دست وی  طناب را بالا کشيد 

گفتنی است  با اينکه طبق قوانين  جزائی  جمهوری  اسلامی گرفتن وکيل برای متهمين ، حتی اگر متهم تواناِئی  مالی آنرا نداشته باشد  الزامی  است ، اما اين دختر نوجوان در جريان دادگاه خود از هيچگونه وکيلی برخوردار نبود و پدر نامبرده در سطح شهر  نکا  با  چشمان   گريان  اقدام به  جمع آوری کمک مالی  از مردم  نموده  و  اعلام   ميداشته    که   ميخواهد  وجه مورد نظر را  برای گرفتن وکيل استفاده نمايد  تا حداقل  لايحه   دفاع از  دخترش  را  بنويسد 

در همين حال  جسد  اين دختر همان روز به  خاک سپرده  شد اما در همان شب توسط افراد ناشناسی  جسد  از داخل قبر بيرون آورده  و ربوده شد هنوز هيچ دليلی برای اينکار پيدا نشده است و خانواده رجبی اقدام به شکايت  نموده و خواستار پی گيری اين  واقعه  شده اند 

لازم به ذکر است مردی که همراه  اين دختر ۱۶ ساله دستگير شده بود تنها به ۱۰۰ ضربه  شلاق  توسط حاجی رضاِ محکوم شده بود و پس از اجرای حد اسلامی آزاد  گرديد

برگرفته از سايت پيک ايران.

 Charged, accused Tried and executed by the same JUDGE

, On Sunday, August 15, a 16-year-old girl in the town of Neka, northern Iran, was executed. Atefeh Sahaleh was hanged in public on Simetry Street off Rah Ahan Street at the city center.

The sentence was issued by the head of Neka’s Justice Department and subsequently upheld by the mullahs’ Supreme Court and carried out with the approval of Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Shahroudi.

In her summary trial, the teenage victim did not have any lawyer and efforts by her family to recruit a lawyer was to no avail. Atefeh personally defended herself. She told the religious judge, Haji Rezaii, that he should punish the main perpetrators of moral corruption not the victims.

The criminal judge personally pursued Atefeh’s death sentence, beyond all normal procedures and finally gained the approval of the Supreme Court.
After her execution Rezai said her punishment was not execution but he had her executed for her “sharp tongue”.

Iran executes child for "acts incompatible with chastity"

Amnesty International has issued a sharp rebuke to Iran for what it says was the judicial execution of a 16-year-old girl for "acts incompatible with chastity."

As a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Iran is bound not to execute child offenders. Both treaties provide that capital punishment shall not be imposed for offences committed by persons under 18 year of age at the time of committing the offence.

But Atefeh Rajabi was the tenth child executed by the Islamic state since 1990, according to AI.

More, the human rights watchdog says, it appears the girl never had access to legal representation at any time following her arrest.

AI says the execution was carried out despite reports that Ateqeh Rajabi was not believed to be mentally competent, either at the time of the alleged "crime" or during her trial proceedings.

The organisation has called for Iran to pass legislation removing provision for the execution of child offenders, thereby preventing further execution of child offenders, and bringing Iran into line with its obligations under international law.

Further, the organization is urging authorities to clarify whether Ateqel Rajabi had legal representation and whether a legally approved doctor deemed her psychologically fit to stand trial.

"During her trial, at which she was reportedly not represented by a lawyer, the judge allegedly severely criticised her dress, harshly reprimanding her," AI reports.

The sentencing judge also served as executioner, AI reports.

She was sentenced to death approximately three months ago, by a lower court in Neka in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

The case reportedly attracted the attention of the Head of the Judiciary for the Mazandaran province, who ensured that the case was heard by the Supreme Court. In Iran, all death sentences have to be upheld by the Supreme Court before they can be implemented, AI reports.

The death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court, and Ateqeh Rajabi was publicly hanged in the city centre of Neka on 15 August.

Her co-defendant in the transgression, an unnamed man, was reportedly sentenced to 100 lashes. He was released after this sentence was carried out.

Although the girl's national identification card stated that she was 16 years old, the Mazandaran Judiciary announced at her execution that her age was 22.

Courtesy of: National Business Review website


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