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World will never forget this laughing..

When time comes those who helped criminals to kill more should face world tribunal.

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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 Torture & Murder in Ahvaz, IRI

August 10, 2005

The manís name is Jasem Batrani; he has been kidnapped, tortured  and murdered by the IRI Security Personnel. His body along with another unknown body found in Karoon River.

Were the Human Rights & Amnesty International are?

Why they were so loud during the previous Regime of Iran? Where nothing like this ever happened!

And now they are no where to be found?

جاسم بطرانی

بنا به گزارش واصله  از اهواز- خوزستان،  جاسم بطرانیبوسیله افراد سازمان اطلاعات رژیم که از تهران به آنجا آماده بودند ربوده، شکنجه شده، کشته شده، شکمش پاره و احتمالا کليه و بقيه اندام های اورا خارج کرده اند و جسد دست بسته او در رودخانه کارون پيدا شده است..
ظاهرا نیروهای همین سازمان در اهواز هیچ گونه دخالتی‌در این حوادث نداشته وبا این جریان بشدت مخالفت کردند



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Executions by hanging are carried out in Islamic Republic of ayatollahs in accordance with the Islamic "eye-for-an-eye" law of retribution, otherwise known as "qesas".

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