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Are we ambitious to achieve the goal?

The goal is freedom, freedom of expression and rule of law in shadow of civilized dialogue.

To finalize the mass uprising of Iranian citizens are three distinct stages is in venture:

  • Overheated fall of economy, constant shortage of goods and services, rising prices, congested traffic, urbane overcrowding, and continuous opposition.
  • Amorphous, leaderless form of administration, and non-threatening expression of popular anger and frustration.
  • Power struggle between elites, corruption within the governmental bodies and clear political crisis.

The existing Islamic Regime successfully reached and passed these stages. The obvious grievance of opposition at this era is how to achieve a peaceful resolution.

Angered, frustrated, but polite oppositions, today, on a national scale, do not whish involving in escalating street demonstrations, riots, arson, and attacks.

The well understood lesson is; every riot results in unrecoverable damages to the national assets. Street riots results in the lives of good men and women, young and old.

Finally the only peaceful and effective tool remain; the Nationwide strikes; in both the private and public sectors, the oil industries, the port facilities, the customs administrations, the power grid, the banks, railways, the airlines, radio, television, networks, newspapers, industrial plants, and major ministries, would disrupt the normal flow of goods and services and virtually shut down the government.

All oppositions regardless of their inside agenda should only think of "Iran" and its citizenries carrying out the plot as the drama and playing it out to topple the regime.

This time around, people of Iran as a strong sovereign body should catch the eyes of the International witnesses to the stage.

The determined opposition force in whole, must blow strong wind to further isolate the regime in order that is also felt behind ears of Washington and London. The determined opposition forces must engage the army and this repeat itself to crash the regime with iron fist.

Political solutions such as approaching to foreign backers by regime must become to the dead end. More disappointed the regime becomes by act of its citizens fatalistically would resolve that "no one" could influence or control the course of events.

This in result will shape both the anti Islamic and pro-Islamic content of the society, something that eventually will "hijack" the allies of ayatollahs, in favour of secular, free, and civilized nation.

To achieve a rapid succession of events mullahs must go out of the picture or rest for rehabilitation vacation. This will be possible by the culmination of an uninterrupted claim of events, which can began with mild protest then snow balled into a gigantic, unstoppable avalanche of strikes.

History proved that even amazingly efficient organizations with established strategies could not stand in corps of massive determined also thoroughly confident oppositions' way.

This unified movement will eventually confuse the regime, which virtually flounder foreign backers to the ayatollahs.

The admirers of the regime shall feel the relinquishment of the power, additionally will distant from the government to join the opposition. Already we see numerous signs of such increasing "will" amongst clergies and one time loyal to the regime.

In the result they (mullahs), will not loose the throne, they will give it away. The opposition and freedom lovers will not win, the ayatollahs and its loyal elites will loose big deal.

The weak point of the regime at this level is demand for free and nationwide, fair and free referendum under supervision of the United Nation. Citizens must insist in choosing form of the government, demand of the on going debate on this issue will ultimately bring the ayatollahs patience to the boil, to the level of explosion. Determined opposition in a massive strikes and demands will leave no chances for the regime to fight back.

Effective manner of unity will help downfall of any regime, no matter General De Gaul, Yugoslavia, United Kingdom ruling India, Shah, or Khamenei.

United we stand!

This website lists only a handful of crimes committed by ayatollahs and their followers, your contribution to this site and distribution of the URL address amongst your pals will help the world to weak up and discover crimes of ayatollahs.

help for the cause!

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