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Mass Execution in December 2006         

SMCCDI (Information Service)
Dec 20, 2006, 20:53

The Islamic regime's official media have reported the executions, since Monday, of twelve men hanged for "rape", "murder" and "bombing".

Six of the sentences were carried, on Wednesday, at the infamous Evin jail located in Tehran; Three of them, on Tuesday, in the southern city of Ahwaz and the three other, on Monday, in the southern city of Rafsanjan.

Several of these executions took place in public.

This week's row of executions bring to thirty, the number of death sentences carried in the last thirty days alone.

The theocratic regime uses labels, such as, "Rape", "Murder", "Drug Trafficking", "Spying" or "Terrorism" in order to eliminate any hard opposition as it uses public executions in order to increase the popular fear in an effort to extend its illegitimate rule..

Courtesy of: SMCCDI

Iran said to have executed Arab trio for 'waging war on God'

IRAN is said to have defied international pleas for clemency and hanged three ethnic Arabs convicted of "waging war on God".

Another 11 Iranian Arabs are awaiting execution after being convicted in secret trials of involvement in a bombing spree. Neil Durkin, of Amnesty International, told The Scotsman: "We are seeking more details, including whether any of those executed received proper trials and had the right to appeals."

Activists insist the men were innocent and had paid the price for merely hailing from the country's disadvantaged Arab minority, which is concentrated in Iran's oil-rich province of Khuzestan, bordering Iraq.

Tehran has blamed Britain, which has troops in southern Iraq, for fomenting instability in the remote province. London has vehemently denied the "ludicrous" accusations.

The 14 condemned men were convicted over explosions that killed more than 20 people in Khuzestan's capital, Ahwaz, last year. The British Ahwazi Friendship Society (BAFS) said it had learned from a students' news agency yesterday that three of the men had been hanged.

Heavily edited "confessions" by 11 of the men were broadcast on Iranian television last month. Iranian and foreign activists say the trials were flawed, the charges baseless and the sentencing based on a spurious interpretation of the law.

The trials were attacked by the European Parliament in a unanimous resolution last month as well as by 48 British MPs. Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner, told The Scotsman last night: "If these executions are confirmed, it indicates that Tehran has blatantly ignored all international human rights conventions and pleas for clemency from ... around the world."

BAFS said: "The men were convicted following one-day trials in closed sessions of the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz, with little or no access to lawyers and after being tortured into giving confessions."

One of the condemned men was in jail at the time of the bombings last year.

The condemned men come from three groups. Most are from a reformist ethnic Arab party seeking rights for Ahwazi Arabs through legal and constitutional means. The group was banned last month after the hardline Iranian judiciary accused it of inciting unrest and opposing the Islamic system.

Courtesy of: Scotsman