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Arrival of evil!
"I have no feeling on my return to Iran!" Said Khomeini in a flight to Iran after 15 years in exile

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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Views and Comments (multiple pages)


Islamism, fanaticism and origin of terror..

Fanaticism, brutality and terrorism and attack on people's rights and believe was somehow gone undetected for almost two decades in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Some might be untouchable to the Western world.

The wake up call came in 1979 with arrival of Khomeini. Since his arrival people stopped rubbing their eyes in disbelief, literature on political Islam began to flourish in both the Islamic and Western worlds.

No one could have considered the possibility that a religion - let alone Islam, could undergo a political revival of such intensity and popularity.

The movement was first described as Islamic revolution then was mixed with fundamentalism, but later, due to religious and historical objections, was cloaked in other names. It did not stop at that, lately Khatami, President of Islamic Iran, is talking about "civilization"!

Western world could have never imagined that spread of Islamic world possible someday pose a serious threat to the world.

"The Clash of Civilizations," which flourished in 1997 in fact began over four decades in India and Pakistan. Idea of Islamic regimes began by General Iskandar Mirza of Pakistan, effective in March 2, 1956 when he declared Pakistan an Islamic republic. British influences since 1906 forced Pakistan to declare Islamic regime. Establishment of such fundamental government abolished principles of consensus and dialog. The same thread stretched over years to the establishment of Islamic Regime of Ayatollahs in Iran. This was called "Green Belt" to block communism of old regime of Russia reaching to the "warm waters of Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean".

It is to sad to mention that western world was closing eyes on the issue while developments and events were taking place in the Islamic world.

Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (Pahlavi II) said in exile after 1979 turmoil in his country, in an interview with Peter Jennings a reporter with ABC channel; "Your government is sleeping, they should take fewer sleeping pills and open their eyes to the facts"

With help of propagators, have developed a new society and changed tradition of civilization and an Islamic republic, Islamic law or absolute rule of a supreme religious leader flourished, ever since 1979, thanks to Ayatollah Khomeini and his precedent back to 1956 in Pakistan.

Eastern intellectuals such as the Moroccan Abdallah Laroui have dated the emergence of Islamism to 1967, when Israel defeated a coalition of Arab nations in the Six Day War.

Six Day War and victory of Israel demolished Arab and Islamist nationalism which was began to lose its appeal among the masses, and Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser's star waned.

Based on Ali Shariati's pan-Islamism with help of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini a new chapter started in 1979. Khomeini's movement enjoyed support of Britain as Iskandar Mirza's movement did in Pakistan. Khomeini's Islam dominated the life in Iran religion took an ominous turn. Iran crystallized into the hub of Islamist resistance in 1979.

With the toppling of the Shah in 1979, Islamism declared its first spectacular triumph. A decidedly Islamist system was set up there in the 1980s, and started influencing other countries.

In Pakistan, an Islamist dictator, General Mohammed Zia ul-Haq came to power, ruling from 1978 until 1988. Fanatics led by theological students in Saudi Arabia. The movement held Islam's most holy place for two weeks in 1979(take over of the Haram Mosque in Mecca.

In Afghanistan, however, the Taliban, came to power in 1996 after only a few years of struggle. There is no such thing as peaceful Islam. Thanks to Khomeini and his unique form of Islam religious leaders involved in creation of the Islamist movements.

Propagandist took the social imbalances hostage and brainwashed the ordinary people as well as some fundamentals, seeking release by protesting against their respective rulers - "Islam being a religion provides you with outlet". The Muslim fanatics went treacherously to kill like Old Man of Mountain said. "Assassins" went to under take to kill others imitating the time of crusade.

Bin Laden, Khomeini, Khamenehi, and their followers perceive their Islamist activities as religious rules and adopt "uprising against the West." We should not rule out those Western politicians motive who are challenging the world globalization or westernization taking advantage of such brainwashed individuals in accomplishing their goal(s).

What ever motive behind creation of such movement in India and Pakistan with help of Brits, Islamism has shifted to the outside edge of Northern Nigeria, Southern Sudan, Chechnya, Philippine, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine including but not limited to the United States and China. The strike on the Twin Towers of New York City finalized and well surfaced the heart of New-Islamism and derailed the Islam that Muhammad tried hard to promote.

The above text was prepared in use of some excerpts from an article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung