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World will never forget this laughing..

When time comes those who helped criminals to kill more should face world tribunal.

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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Crime Museum

Dear Compatriots,

It is certain and obvious that any monument, any building, any place built in Iran, including Khomeini’s burial chamber (mausoleum) paid from ordinary citizens’ money. From nation’s tax and/or paid from nation’s treasure.

Therefore every bit of such building (any kind, including any statue, figurine, mummy etc.,) belongs to the nation and we are not allowed to destroy it.

Khomeini’s burial chamber (catacomb) is one of our treasures; cost of such building was very high.

Thousands of people were executed, millions of people died in Iran-Iraq war, thousands of innocent people were killed by direct order of Khomeini or his followers including Hashemi Rafsanjani, Khatami, Khameni, Khalkhali etc., thousands of people imprisoned, hundreds of people were tortured or killed in serial killing process, millions of million dollars were destroyed in the war, millions of thousands dollars were sent out into secret bank account of mullahs, millions of dollars were stolen in process of signing agricultural, industrial, development, research, discovery deals with foreign states.

The Islamic Regime’s crime against humanity, the Islamic regimes teaching in their so-called tozih-ol-masael, in the theoretical books, abstract information provided to the nation, intangible impossible Islamic orders, teaching of marriage ages set at as low as 9 years of age.

Permitting exchange of money or equivalent (Mahriyeh) on the time of marriage between bride and groom. (we believe this is one form of slavery if not a form of business other than love of family expansion).

Teaching of sexual matters in the shadow of Islam not only with youngsters, but also with same sex or animals in the theoretical books written by mullahs.

In process and enforcement of Islamic Regime over years, resulted to prostitution, addiction, crime, corruption, un-employment, closure of many factories, industries, destruction of many buildings.

Auction of our natural resources, imperialist and slavery concessions contract and agreements signed with foreigners, sale and give-a-way of most antiquities, historic, archaeological, museum and research department’s valuable items and results.

Over years of dictatorship, the Islamic Regime committed, brainwashing action toward many innocent youths and children and. Also Islamic ruling lied over thousands of years teaching the same. Including but not limited to lies about 12th imam, Imam Hussain and others who revolted against their respective government (Caliphate) either for gaining power or reaching to a position permitting to abuse the women.

All above including hundreds other items considered to be CRIME.

It would be great suggestion turning Khomeini and all other mausoleum including Qom and Mashhad to CRIME museum, describing thousands of years of Islamic Crime and Islamic Regimes crime, using, video, internet, audio, pictures, literatures, documentaries, books, stories, computer and state of arts technologies.

This will put an end to Islamic crime if not in the world at least in Iran.

Khomeini's Mesulom:
Location: Tehran, Iran
Architect/Planner: Mohammed Tehrani
Date 1989- Century 20th
Building Type funerary
Building Usage tomb

The tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini is located to the south of Tehran near the cemetery of Behesht-e Zahra (the Paradise of Zahra). Construction commenced in 1989 and it was planned to be centerpiece of 5000 acre development when completed. Included in the proposal a university for Islamic studies, a seminary, and a shopping mall designed.

A large plaza leads to the shrine, which covers a vast rectangular space designed to accommodate great numbers of visitors. Entrance is through a main security foyer.

The late Khomeini's body centrally placed under a gilded dome. The dome sits on a transition zone with two layers of clerestories decorated with stained glass tulips, the symbol of martyrdom. 8 massive marble columns circling the tomb support the dome and other more slender columns support the space-frame ceiling, which is also articulated with clerestories. Floor and wall surfaces are polished marble. The body itself is housed in a glass chamber with a metal grilled enclosure. (it is not known if the body is there or, once fall off the helicopter, it has been replaced with empty coffin and the body taken to Syria) The exterior of the shrine complex is a highly recognizable landmark, with a gold dome on a high drum and four free-standing minarets.

Khomeini's Tomb

See this Video, compare this Tomb with others around the world