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Hanging (Execution) April to August 2017

IRI is the winner of the most execution in less than a year months

This site (holycrime.com) does not in any form support the mentality of minorities, separatists, or ethnic cleansing meddling that may cause separation of any section of Iran. This site believe in one Nation and one Land, Iranians and Iran period.

مرکز حقوق بشر سازمان ملل: از اعدام علیرضا تاجیکی شوکه شدیم

دویچه وله فارسی
Posted: August 12, 2017 at 4:24 a.m.

دفتر ویژه حقوق بشر سازمان ملل درامور ایران از اعدام علیرضا تاجیکی به شدت انتقاد کرد. تاجیکی در زمان ارتکاب جرم تنها ۱۵ سال داشته و طبق قانون جزایی ایران باید همچون افراد کم‌سن و سال با او برخورد می‌شد. Iran Justiz (Mehr)

عاصمه جهانگیر، گزارشگر ویژه حقوق بشر سازمان ملل در امور ایران، روز جمعه (۱۱ اوت) در ژنو گفت که از دریافت خبر اعدام علیرضا تاجیکی "شوکه" شده است.

علیرضا تاجیکی در زمان ارتکاب جرم یعنی سال ۱۳۹۱ تنها ۱۵ سال داشته و بنابرین از بلوغ عقلی و تکلیف حقوقی برخوردار نبوده است.

خبرگزاری‌ها و رسانه‌های جمعی ایران به نقل از مقام‌های قضایی گزارش دادند که علیرضا تاجیکی صبح پنجشنبه ۱۹ مرداد در زندان عادل‌آباد شیراز اعدام شده است. او در این زمان به ۲۱ سالگی رسیده بود.

نهادهای حقوق بشری با ابراز تردید نسبت به روند محاکمه، خواستار تجدیدنظر مقام‌های قضایی ایران در حکم اعدام برای او شده بودند.

ایران از دهه ۱۳۷۰ خورشیدی به کنوانسیون حقوق کودکان پیوسته که بر اساس آن اعدام اشخاصی که در زمان ارتکاب جرم زیر ۱۸ سال قرار دارند، ممنوع است.

سازمان عفو بین‌الملل یکی از نهادهای بین‌المللی بود که در گزارشی از وضعیت علیرضا تاجیکی، از اصرار دستگاه قضایی ایران بر اعدام او انتقاد کرده بود.
Courtesy of its respected source

Islamic republic (Iran) executes a young Kurdish prisoner

Kurdistan24News - 04 August 2017

SANANDAJ, Iran (Kurdistan 24) - Iran executed a Kurdish prisoner in Sanandaj Prison in the dawn on Wednesday, Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported.

Morteza Rahmani, 26, was accused of Moharebeh and was hanged in the central prison of Sanandaj (Sina), the capital of Kurdistan Province, northwest of Iran.

Mohabreheb, the Arabic term meaning enmity against God, is an official crime in Iran punishable by death. Rahmani, from the village of Tilko near the city of Kamyaran, had reportedly been in prison since 2013 for having joined a Kurdish opposition group.

Sources told KHRN that the young man and his family were put under tremendous pressure by the Iranian guards after he joined the opposition.

Rahmani was reportedly sent on a mission by Iran to assassinate a member of the opposition, a mission he failed to accomplish.

"He became a victim of personal vengeance and was punished for not having been able to carry an imposed duty," KHRN quoted.

Last August, 22 international human rights organizations condemned Iran’s execution of Kurdish political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. They urged the European Union (EU) to call on Iran to impose a moratorium on the death penalty in light of its upcoming human rights dialogue with the EU. “The EU should insist that as a sign of good will Iranian authorities should cease all executions at the minimum for the duration of the dialogue,” the rights group said. The UN Special Rapporteur in March condemned the disproportionate imprisonment and execution of Kurds.

"Almost one-fifth of the executions that took place in Iran in 2016 concerned Kurdish prisoners,” Asma Jahangir said.

“Kurdish political prisoners are said to represent almost half of the total number of political prisoners in Iran,” she continued
Courtesy of the Respected site-