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September Hanging!!
Hanged Publicly in Iran

 Three sentenced to death

News Network TV, Sep. 3 – Three people in Mashad were sentenced to death. Mashad’s judiciary condemned eight others to prison, flogging and exile.

Two sentenced to death

Iran daily, Sep. 4 – A man in Tehran named Mohammad Reza Vakili was sentenced to death.

Jomhouri Islami daily, Sep. 4 – The judiciary issued the death sentence for a man named Ahmad M. in Abadan. The sentence will be carried out tomorrow in Zolfaqari district following endorsement by the Supreme Court.

Three juveniles sentenced to death

Sharq daily, Sep. 7 – Death sentences have been issued for three boys by the names of Ali M., Morteza F. and Milad B. who are presently in the Center for Reform and Education. While all three of them were under 18 when they committed crimes, their death sentences are going to be carried out soon as they have recently turned 18.

Three people hanged

IRNA, Sep. 7 – Three people were hanged in Gohardasht Prison. The three convicted of drug trafficking were hanged Tuesday morning in the prison compound.

Seven hanged in Iran, two of them in public

AFP, Sep 9, London - Seven Iranians convicted of a range of crimes... have been hanged in Iran, two of them in public, press reports said Thursday.

The five hanged Wednesday in Tehran's Evin prison were identified as Vali Zareian, Houshangh Ensha-Sefand, Yar Mohammad Ghapeh, Hadi Sabok and Mohammad Reza Vakili, the governmental Iran newspaper said. Another man, only identified by his first name Ghassem, as hanged publicly in the city of Karaj, situated 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Tehran.

In addition, the Fajr newspaper reported the public hanging of [a man] -- identified as Ayoub M. -- in the south western city of Ahvaz.

Young woman sentenced to death

Hamshahri daily, Sep. 11 – Kobra’s husband went to the problem-solving council last Wednesday and stressed that her death sentence be carried out. (Kobra Rahmanpour is 21)Two people sentenced to execution in public

Khorassan daily, Sep. 16 – Two people were sentenced to execution in public by the judge presiding the case. The sentences issued have been given to the Supreme Court for final endorsement.

Young man hanged

Iran daily, Sep. 18 – A young man named Mahmoud was hanged Thursday in Dezful.

Two executions in less than two days

Agence France Presse, Sep. 20, Tehran - 20-year-old Kazem Abdoli, has been hanged publicly in the southern town of Minnab in Hormozgan province.

Agence France Presse, Sep. 20, Tehran - An Iranian man, identified as Mehdi, convicted of murder has been hanged in Tehran, the government daily Iran reported Monday.

Man to be executed twice

Sharq daily, Sep. 20 – The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for a man. The head of the 9th branch of Isfahan’s penal court sentenced the man to two executions.

Courtesy of their respective media