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Chronological list of Crime by Islamic Regime

Arranged by reverse date
Date format: dd/mm/yy.


ID  first_name  last_name  date______  city  country  description 
Reza  Mazlouman  28-05-1996  Paris  France  Assasinated. Former Minister under the Shah and Professor. 
Osman  Rahimi  18-03-1996     Iraq  Iraqi Kurdestan 
Taher  Azizi  18-03-1996     Iraq  Iraqi Kurdestan 
Hassan  Ebrahimzadeh  18-03-1996     Iraq  Iraqi Kurdestan 
Faramarz  Keshavarz  18-03-1996     Iraq  Iraqi Kurdestan 
Taher  Rouhani  13-03-1996  Soleymaniya  Iraq    
Hamed Reza  Rahmani  07-03-1996  Baghdad  Iraq    
Mowlavi  Mollahzadeh  04-03-1996     Pakistan    
Abdul-Nasser  Jamshid-Zehi  04-03-1996     Pakistan    
10  Abdul-Ali  Muradi  20-02-1996  Istanbul  Turkey  Assasinated. Supporter of the People's Mujahedin Organization of Iran.  
11  Zahra  Rajabi  20-02-1996  Istanbul  Turkey  Member of the National Council of Resistance. Assasinated in Turkey while on a mission to aid Iranian Refugees 
12  Three Mojahedin Members     10-07-1995  Baghdad  Iraq  Three members of the Iranian opposition group Mujahideen Khalq were shot dead in Baghdad on Monday and Iraq summoned Iran's Charge D'Affaires to protest over the second incident in two days.... (Reuters, July 10, 1995) 
13  Effat  Haddad,Fereshteh Esfandiari  19-05-1995  Baghdad  Iraq  Mrs. Haddad was a mother of four. "An Iranian dissident group, the People's Mojahedin, Friday accused Iran of sponsoring the assassination of two women in its organization in Iraq, sources with the dissidents said.... The slain women - Effat Haddad, 32 an 
14  Majid-Reza  Ibrahimi and another Mojahedin member  06-10-1993  Baghdad  Iraq  Ibrahimi was killed and his companion wounded when the Khomeini regime's terrorists opened fire on them while they were shopping at a store in Baghdad's As-Sha'ab district. 
15  Behran  Azadfer  28-08-1993  Ankara  Turkey  Fatally shot by two Farsi-speaking gunmen at his house in Ankara. A third person stood guard in the garden. 
16  Mohammad Hassan  Arbab  06-06-1993  Karachi  Pakistan  member of the Mojahedin Jun. 6, 1993, Assassinated around noon in front of his residence in Karachi by 4 terrorists dispatched by the Khomeini regime. 
17  Mohammad Hossein  Naghdi  16-03-1993  Rome  Italy  Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Italy. Shot dead by two terrorist astride a motorcycle in broad daylight in Rome as he went by car from his home to his office. 
18  Mohammad Amin  Mirlashari  09-03-1993     Pakistan  A chief of the Mirlashar tribe in Iranian Baluchistan. Shot and wounded in the street. 
19  Delaviz  Narou'i and Heybatollah Narou'I  09-03-1993     Pakistan  Chiefs of the Narou'i tribe in Iranian Baluchistan. Shot to death in the street. 
20  Mojahedin and National Liberation Army c     29-01-1993  Baghdad  Iraq  Terrorists planted a bomb in a city bus in Baghdad which they knew to be used by the Mojahedin and NLA. No one was injured in the blast. 
21  Saeed  Shakeri  24-01-1993     Sweden  Mojahedin supporter. Attacked in the city library, resulting in a broken nose and fractured skull. His serious head injuries and the threat of infection necessitated surgery. 
22  Mehdi  Baba'I  22-01-1993  Oslo  Norway  Mojahedin supporter. Two terrorists from the regime's embassy in Oslo brutally assaulted him. They fled when police arrived. Baba'i required hospitalization. 
23  Mehdi  Ha'eri  18-01-1993     Germany  Cleric opposed to the regime. Terrorists posing as acquaintances made an appointment to see him by phone. Aware his life was in danger, police guarding his residence arrest 1 man and discover a knife and a silencer-equipped gun in the car. 
24  Gholam-Hossein  Kazemi  12-01-1993     Iraq  member of the Mojahedin and combatant in the National Liberation Army of Iran. Assassinated while driving between NLA bases. The other occupants of the car were wounded. 
25  Abbas  Golizadeh  26-12-1992  Istanbul  Turkey  Former bodyguard to the Shah. Kidnapped from his home in a suburb of Istanbul. Fate unknown. 
26  Mohammad Sadeq  Sharafkandi  17-09-1992     Germany  leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, three other Kurds (Homayoun Ardalan, Fattah Abdolahi, and Nuri Dehkordi) and a fifth unidentified individual. Sharafkandi and the 3 Kurds were shot dead when terrorists sprayed them with machinegun fire in 
27  Mojahedin Office in Baghdad     15-09-1992  Baghdad  Iraq  Around midnight, 4 terrorists dispatched by the regime attempted to enter one of the Mojahedin's offices. Confronted by a security guard, one escaped, two were arrested, and the fourth, who attempted to open fire, was shot and killed.  
28  Feridoun  Farokhzad  09-08-1992     Germany  Entertainer. Stabbed and beheaded with a knife. 
29  Homayoun  Maraghe'I  06-08-1992     Germany  head of the overseas office of the People's Party. Wounded with a knife. 
30  Gholam  Ghahremani  03-08-1992     Dubai  supporter of Mojahedin seeking political asylum. Kidnapped from his residence and transferred to Evin Prison in Tehran. 
31  Members of the Kurdistan Democratic Part     23-06-1992     Iraq  Terrorist infiltrators poison the food at the KDP's HQ. 7 persons hospitalized in critical condition, 3 of whom subsequently died Hadi Mahmoudi (7/7/92), Ali Nanoureh (7/18/92), and Fakhroddin Moradi (7/12/92). 
32  Mojahedin supporters     05-06-1992     Turkey  Car bomb planted in a car used by Mojahedin supporters defused before it went off. Mojahedin supporters. Car bomb planted in a car used by Mojahedin supporters in Istanbul destroys the vehicle. 
33  Ali-Akbar  Ghorbani  04-06-1992  Istanbul  Turkey  Mojahedin member. Kidnapped by Tehran's terrorists in front of his home in Istanbul. Terrorists arrested admitted having been trained in Iran, and having turned Ghorbani over to Iranian agents, who tortured and then murdered him. They led police to a shal 
34  Kamran Mansour  Moqadam  03-06-1992     Iraq  member of the Communist Union. Murdered by machinegun fire. 
35  Shahpour  Firouzi  31-05-1992     Iraq  member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Revolutionary Leadership. Assassinated by machinegun. 
36  Seifollah  Seimanpour  01-05-1992     Iraq  Refugee. Killed by machinegun fire. 
37  Kamal  Reza'I  11-04-1992     Netherlands  Member of Mojahedin. Terrorists set an ambush for him near his residence, but he escaped the trap. 
38  Nareh  Rafi'zadeh  26-03-1992  New Jersey  U.S.A.  wife and sister-in-law of former intelligence agents under the Shah. Assassinated as she left her car at her New Jersey residence. 
39  Abolhassan  Banisadr  06-12-1991  Versailles  France  Khomeini's first president. The would-be assassins, who had entered his home in Versailles, fled when French security agents opened fire. 
40  Members of the Kurdistan Democratic Part     29-10-1991     Iraq  A bomb-laden mini-bus was detonated in the path of a bus carrying the KDP members and their families. 3 persons were killed and a number, including small children, wounded. 
41  Saeed  Yazdanpanah  19-09-1991     Iraq  member of the Revolutionary Union of the Kurdish People, and Sirous Katibeh, his secretary. Terrorist infiltrators stabbed both to death at Yazdanpanah's residence. 
42  Shahpour  Bakhtiar  06-08-1991  Paris  France  The Shah's last Prime Minister, and Soroush Katebeh, his personal secretary. Bakhtiar's throat was slit and his aide stabbed to death at Bakhtiar's home near Paris. 
43  Abdolrahman  Boroumand  18-04-1991  Paris  France  Aide to Bakhtiar. Stabbed to death in the street in Paris. 
44  Ahad  Aqa  01-01-1991     Iraq  Member of Kurdistan Democratic Party. Assassinated in the street. 
45  Khaled  Hosseinpour  01-01-1991     Iraq  Member of Khebat, Assassinated. 
46  Komeleh H.Q     01-01-1991     Iraq  A Peshmarg was killed when a bomb planted by terrorists went off at the HQ. 
47  Iranian refugees supporting the Mojahedi     31-10-1990  Rome  Italy  A group of refugees was attacked in the street by the regime's agents, three of whom, carrying diplomatic passports, were arrested. Many supporters were hospitalized with serious injuries. 
48  Sirous  Elahi  23-10-1990  Paris  France  Member of Derafsh Kaviani. Shot and killed at his residence in Paris. 
49  Gholam Reza  Nakha'I  01-10-1990     Turkey  Iranian political refugee. Killed in his hotel room with a severe blow to the head. 
50  Amir  Qazi  06-09-1990     Sweden  member of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran. His wife, Effat Qazi, was killed when she opened a letter bomb addressed to her husband. 
51  Ali  Kashefpour  15-07-1990     Turkey  member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran -Revolutionary Leadership. Terrorists kidnapped him from his home in a refugee quarter. His tortured body was later found in a roadside ditch. 
52  Kamal  Reza'I  28-05-1990     Germany  Mojahedin spokesman. Two of the regime's agents arrested in an unsuccessful assassination attempt. 
53  Prof. Kazem  Rajavi  24-04-1990  Geneva  Switzerland  Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, elder brother of Massoud Rajavi, Leader of the Iranian Resistance. Shot to death in his car in Coppet, near Geneva. Swiss police confirmed at least 13 terrorists with Iranian service passports  
54  Hossein  Mir-Abedini  14-03-1990  Istanbul  Turkey  Mojahedin member. Shot and critically wounded en route by car to Istanbul airport. 
55  Hadj Balouch  Khan  16-02-1990  Taftan  Pakistan  Royalist.Assassinated by a Guards Corps commando squad in Taftan. 
56  Hossein  Keshavarz, Mojahedin sympathizer  14-09-1989  Karachi  Pakistan  A hail of machinegun fire gravely wounded him in Karachi, leaving him paralyzed in both legs. 
57  Sadiq  Kamangar  04-09-1989     Iraq  member of Komeleh. Infiltrators assassinated him at his H.Q. 
58  Bahman  Javadi and Youssef Rashidzadeh  26-08-1989     Cyprus  members of Komeleh, Javadi was shot and killed in the street. Rashidzadeh was wounded. 
59  Abdol Rahman  Qassemlou  13-07-1989  Vienna  Austria  Leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, Abdullah Qaderi-Azar, Fadel Mala, and Mahmoud Rassoul, his aides. Shot dead in Vienna while meeting secretly with representatives of Rafsanjani. A senior Guards Corps commander oversaw the murders. Two Ira 
60  Ata'ollah  Bayahmadi  04-06-1989     Dubai  ex-military intelligence colonel under the Shah. Assassinated in his hotel room. 
61  Gathering of Mojahedin sympathizers     11-02-1989     Germany  A bomb exploded in front of the door to the meeting hall. 3 persons wounded. 
62  Gathering of Mojahedin sympathizers     01-02-1989  Rome  Italy  Terrorists armed with knives and clubs attacked the meeting in Rome. 3 persons were wounded. 
63  Iranian refugees     03-12-1988  Karachi  Pakistan  Iranian refugees waiting outside the UNHCR office in Karachi attacked. One person killed, 5 wounded. 
64  Javad  Ha'eri  01-12-1987  Istanbul  Turkey  Dissident . Stabbed to death by two men at this home in Istanbul. 
65  Behrouz  Bagheri, son of Bahman Bagheri  28-11-1987  Paris  France  former Air Force commander, bomb planted in his Paris store. 
66  Iranian refugees     31-10-1987  Quetta  Pakistan  Bomb planted in a hotel in Quetta. Police arrested Guards Corps members. One Iranian killed, another wounded. 
67  Abolhassan  Mojtahedzadeh and Mostafa Abrari of the   11-10-1987  Istanbul  Turkey  Kidnapped in Istanbul by Iranian embassy personnel. Abrari escaped his captors. The police discovered Mojtahedzadeh in the trunk of an Iranian embassy car with diplomatic plates near the Iran-Turkey border. 
68  Ali and Noureddin Nabavi  Tavakoli  03-10-1987  London  United Kingdom  father and son, royalists, Shot in the back of the head in the living room of their London home. 
69  Ahmad  Talebi  10-09-1987  Geneva  Switzerland  Fighter pilot, refugee. Assassinated on the street in Geneva by two armed men. 
70  Mohammad Hassan  Mansouri  25-07-1987  Istanbul  Turkey  Anti-Khomeini dissident, and another person, Assassinated by two men at his home in Istanbul. 
71  Alireza Hassanpour  Sharifzadeh, Faramarz Aqa'i and other Mo  08-07-1987  Karachi   Pakistan  13 homes in Karachi and Quetta attacked with RPG rockets and submachine guns. Sharifzadeh and Aqa'i were killed and 33 persons wounded. 9 men identified by police as Guards Corps members were arrested at the Iran-Pakistan border. 
72  Amir-Hossein  Amir-Parviz  08-07-1987     United Kingdom  Affiliate of Shah's last Prime Minister,Bakhtiar, Severely injured in a car bombÆ 
73  Mojahedin supporters     12-06-1987     Pakistan  3 persons injured in terrorist attack on their center. 
74  Mojahedin supporters     31-05-1987     Pakistan  Terrorists threw acid on students manning a literature stand, seriously wounding 2 people. 
75  Hamidreza  Chitgar (Hamid Bahmani)  19-05-1987  Vienna  Austria  First Secretary of the Workers Party. Assassinated in a house in Vienna. His body was discovered by police on Jul. 12, 1987. 
76  Ali Akbar  Mohammadi  16-01-1987     Germany  Former pilot for Rafsanjani. Assassinated in the street by two men. 
77  Vali  Mohammad and, former Marine officer  12-11-1986     Pakistan  Shot five times and killed. 
78  Ahmadhamed  Monfared (Hamid Farzaneh)  24-10-1986     Turkey  ex-Army colonel Assassinated by 2 men armed with silencer-equipped pistols. 
79  Reza  Fazeli  01-07-1986     United Kingdom  an anti-Khomeini mov 
80  Abdolreza  Salimi, Ali-Akbar Khalvati, Mojahedin su  24-01-1986     Dubai  Kidnapped and tortured in a safe house to extract information on other Mojahedin sympathizers. 
81  Ahmad  Madani  01-01-1986  Paris  France  A former Defense Minister and governor under the Shah, Lapsed into a coma for 48 hrs. after eating poisoned candies in Paris brought from Iran. The gift-bearer meanwhile disappeared. 
82  Aziz  Moradi  23-12-1985  Istanbul   Turkey   ex-colonel in the Shah's Army Assassinated in Istanbul. 
83  Mir  Monavat  28-09-1985  Karachi  Pakistan  Majlis deputy from Baluchistan under the Shah Murdered at his home in Karachi by 3 armed men. 
84  Behrouz  Shahvardilou  06-01-1985  Istanbul  Turkey  Police colonel under the Shah Assassinated in the Koucheh Kyabi district of Istanbul. 
85  Gholam-Ali  Oveissi  07-02-1984  Paris  France  former commander of the Shah's Army, and his brother,an ex-general, Assassinated in the street in Paris. 
86  Iranian refugee     01-02-1984  Paris  France  Attacked by armed terrorists in the UNESCO Bldg. in Paris. 
87  Anti-Khomeini students     01-09-1983     Pakistan  One student was murdered in an attack by the regime's agents. 
88  Esfandiar Rahimi  Taqanaki  08-02-1983  Manilla  Philippines  Mojahedin supporter Stabbed to death with a knife and machete in Manilla. 
89  Mehdi  Debadj      Sari  Iran  Was held in prison until December 1993, when Christian missionary groups reported that a court in Sari sentenced him to death for apostasy. Following international appeals on his behalf, Debadj was released in January 1994 
90  A Christian convert from Islam                
91  Mojahedin supporters     06-12-1982  Paris  France  On successive days, Khomeini's terrorists, armed with knives, chains and guns, attacked students distributing Mojahedin publications. A number were hospitalized for injuries. 
92  Abdol-Amir  Rahdar and other Mojahedin supporters  10-09-1982     India  Terrorists armed with knives and machetes attacked a demonstration protesting human rights abuses in Iran. Amir Rahdar was murdered, and 20 others seriously wounded. 
93  Ahmad  Zolanvar and other Mojahedin supporters  29-08-1982  Karachi  Pakistan  Two terrorists astride motorcycles attacked him and his companions in Karachi, causing wounds resulting in brain hemorrhaging. He was subsequently transferred to Denmark for emergency surgery, where he died on Sep. 5, 1982. 
94  Mojahedin supporters     20-06-1982  Dallas  U.S.A  A gathering of Resistance supporters in Dallas, Texas, was attacked by a gang armed with knives, clubs, rocks and bottles.One was hospitalized. 
95  Shahram  Mirami, and other anti-Khomeini students  08-06-1982     India  100 terrorists armed with clubs, knives and machetes attacked the Aligarh dormitory, where a group of Iranian students were holding a hunger strike to protest executions in Iran. Shahram Mirami was murdered and 9 other students seriously wounded. 
96  Student supporter of the Mojahedin     08-06-1982     India  Terrorists seriously wounded him in a brutal assault. 
97  Anti-Khomeini demonstration by Mojahedin     06-06-1982     Spain  Woman Mojahedin supporter stabbed in the back of the neck. 
98  University students supporting the Mojah     24-04-1982     Germany  150 terrorists armed with clubs, knives, chains, brass knuckles and tear gas attacked a student dormitory in Mainz. A young German woman was killed and 28 Iranian students severely wounded. 
99  3 Mojahedin supporters     24-04-1982     Sweden  Seriously wounded in an attack by terrorists in the street. 
100  Anti-Khomeini Iranian student     15-04-1982     Sweden  Attacked by Khomeini's terrorists at a bus stop. The following day, he was again attacked in retaliation for speaking to the press about the incident. 
101  Student supporters of the Mojahedin     27-03-1982     Sweden  Terrorists armed with chains severely wounded several students, who required hospitalization. 
102  Meeting sponsored by Mojahedin supporter     13-03-1982  Oklahoma  U.S.A.  Students attacked and severely wounded at Oklahoma University. 
103  Iranians attending funeral service for S     15-01-1982  Manilla  Philippine  Terrorist lobbed a grenade into the gathering; 3 persons hospitalized with critical wounds. 
104  Shahrokh  Missaqi  14-01-1982  Manilla  Philippines  Supporter of the People's Feda'ii Stabbed and killed in Manilla. 
105  Iranian woman dissident     22-11-1981  Stockholm  Sweden  Terrorists attacked her in Stockholm, resulting in her hospitalization for injuries. 
106  Ali-Akbar  Tabataba'i,  23-07-1980  Washington DC  U.S.A.  Diplomat under the Shah. Shot and killed at his suburban Washington home. 
107  Shahpour  Bakhtiar  18-07-1980  Paris  France  Shah's last Prime Minister A five-man hit squad tried to shoot its way into his Paris home. A policeman and a neighbor were killed, three policemen wounded. 
108  Shahriar  Shafiq  08-12-1979  Paris  France  Former officer in the Shah's Army Assassinated in front of his Paris home. 
111  Yahya  Lighvani  9-08-1979  Tabriz  Irani  Chief of Savak of Tabriz, who was executed in Tabriz 

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