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Hanged Publicly in Iran

August  2004

Man sentenced to public hanging

Sharq daily, August 1 The judicial system issued the death sentence of a man in Tehran.

 Six men in Mashad sentenced to death

Jomhouri Islami daily, Aug. 2 Six men were sentenced to execution, incarceration and forced residence in regions with bad weather. Some members of the gang intended to assassinate officials, contact espionage networks and take asylum in the US.

Executions in Pol Dokhtar and Babol

Iran daily, Aug. 3 A man named Keyomarse Naseer Moqadas was hanged in Pol Dokhtar. Another 43-year-old man was sentenced to be hanged three times

Execution in Qazvin

Roshangari Website, Aug. 4 On Tuesday Aug. 3, a 50-year-old man named Majid was sentenced to hanging upon order of the court judge. He was also sentenced to 70 lashes and paying a fine of one million rials

 Protests stopped execution of five

INTV, Aug. 7 On Thursday August 5, the Iranian government intended to hang six people in public in the city of Zahedan, but protests broke out among the outraged onlookers after the first execution and the other executions were not carried out. The young man executed was named Shah Bakhsh and he was 29 years old.

Man and women sentenced to death

Sharq daily, Aug. 8 Death sentences were issued for a man and a woman in Islamshahr and Tehran. The young man sentenced to death in Tehran is Gol Mohammad, 19. The woman sentenced to death in Islamshahr is named Fatemeh.

Man hanged in public

Iran daily, Aug. 10 A man named Hossein from Samirom, Isfahan Province, was yesterday hanged in the province of Bushehr.


 Woman and 2 men sentenced to death

Iran daily, Aug. 9 - A woman and two men were sentenced to death in Varamin.

Man executed

Sharq daily, Aug. 12 A young man named Mohammad was executed yesterday morning.

Youth sentenced to death

E’temad daily, Aug. 11 A young boy named Maham was sentenced to death in Tehran’s Criminal Court.

Man sentenced to 5 times hanging in public

Iran daily, Aug. 15 – Shahroodi, head of the Judiciary confirmed the sentence of five times hanging in public of a man in Tehran. This man’s name is Alireza.

16 year old girl hanged in public

IranFocus website On Sunday, August 15, a 16-year-old girl in the town of Neka, northern Iran, was executed. Ateqeh Sahaleh(Rajabi) was hanged in public on Simetry Street off Rah Ahan Street at the city center.

The sentence was issued by the head of Neka’s Justice Department and subsequently upheld by the mullahs’ Supreme Court and carried out with the approval of Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Shahroudi.

In her summary trial, the teenage victim did not have any lawyer and efforts by her family to recruit a lawyer was to no avail. Ateqeh personally defended herself. She told the religious judge, Haji Rezaii, that he should punish the main perpetrators of moral corruption not the victims.

The judge personally pursued Ateqeh’s death sentence, beyond all normal procedures and finally gained the approval of the Supreme Court. After her execution Rezai said her punishment was not execution but we had her executed for her “sharp tongue”.

 Man sentenced to death

Aftab, Aug. 19 The death sentence of a man was issued in Tehran. The 40-year-old man was named Omid. He is sentenced to 74 lashes in addition to execution.

Three men hanged in Kerman

Jomhouri Islami daily, Aug. 21 Three men were hanged in the Haft Baq Square in Kerman. Their names were Gholamreza A, Mohammad D. and Hamid A.

Political prisoner sentenced to execution

Radio Farda, Aug. 21 According to a statement issued by the Komele Organization, Mr. Ismael Mohammadi, a political prisoner and a Kurd, is sentenced to execution by the 32nd branch of the High Court of Cassation. Ismael Mohammadi who is 38 years old is from Bokan and has a wife and five children.

Man hanged in Salmas

Iran daily, Aug. 22 A man identified as M.M. was hanged in Salmas's Tuti Square.

Man sentenced to death in Tehran

Iran daily, Aug. 22 The Judicial System issued the death sentence of a man named Majid in Tehran. The death sentence had been upheld by the Supreme Court.

Two men sentenced to execution in Tehran

Korassan daily, Aug. 23 The Judicial system in Tehran sentenced two men to execution. These two men are named Mohammad B. and Fereidoon.

One more death sentence

Khorassan daily, Aug. 23 The judges of the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for a man and deemed it necessary.

Hands Off Cain: 123 people executed in Iran since March

ANSA, Aug. 24 - Hands Off Cain announced in a statement that the Iranian regime has given (capital) punishment to at least 123 people from the beginning of the new year. The number of punishments must be actually more than this because there is no official condition for the death sentence in Iran…

One man hanged in Karaj, two sentenced to death

Iranian state TV, Ch. 1, Aug. 25 A man was hanged in public this morning in Hessarak. His sentence had been upheld by the Supreme Court. Two others were sentenced to death.

Another public execution in Iran

Agence France Presse, Aug. 25, Tehran - An Iranian man has been hanged publicly near Tehran… The public hanging of the man, only identified as Parviz, was accompanied by an accomplice being lashed 99 times…

Calling for execution of a young couple

Etemad daily, Aug. 28 - Tehran's public prosecutor called for the execution of a young couple, Jamal and Sara. The trial of this couple will soon be held by the Criminal Court.

Man executed in Karaj prison

Etemad daily, Aug. 29 A man was executed in Rajaii Shahr Prison in Karaj. Reza, whose death sentence had been upheld by the Supreme Court, was hanged in Rajaii Shahr Prison in Karaj.

16 year old in Karaj sentenced to death                   

Etemad daily, Aug. 31 A 16 year old young man in Karaj was sentenced to death. The 16 year old Afghan teenager, named Feis Mohammad, was referred to the special court for juvenile delinquents in Karaj. After several trial sessions, Judge Loqman Kiapasha, head of the court, sentenced him to death.

Four forced to watch their father’s hanging   

IranFocus website, Sep. 3 Tehran, - A man by the name of Mohammad N. was hanged in public in the city of Arak, (central Iran) on Sunday, August 29.

Mohammad’s four young children were brought to the scene to watch the execution of their father.

As he was being taken to the gallows, the children pleaded for mercy for their father, who was accused of killing his wife. Reacting to the outcries of his children, the crowd also called for the victim to be spared.

Officials, however, went ahead with the hanging. As the victim was being lifted on the crane, his 15-year-old girl, Mahdiyeh, ran up to her father’s feet. While in tears, she attempted to force him on her own shoulders so that he would be able to breathe. Officials, however, prevented her from doing so and forced the children watch their father die.

The fate of Mohammad’s two daughters and two sons remains undetermined.

Another execution in Iran

AFP, Aug. 31, Tehran - An Iranian man convicted of murdering his wife has been hanged in public in a square in the central city of Arak, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. The man was identified only by his first name Mohammad.


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