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Arrival of evil!

"I have no feeling on my return to Iran!" Said Khomeini in a flight to Iran after 15 years in exile

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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Following 1979 "Mass Mess" and arrival to Khomeini in Paris, demonstrations broke out in Iran and demonstrators attacked all governmental and public buildings, tanks and weapons were captured from Shah's solders who received No-killing order. Angry mobs, thugs and demonstrators vandalized every building, near by banks, movie-theatres, street cars public buses.

Mobs, including communists, Mojahedin Khalgh, (MKO) some members of National Party (Jebheh Melli) and Toudeh Party in collaboration with each other, which mostly were influenced by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) damaged, destroyed and demolished everything until Shah had no other choice to leave Iran.

Such organized demonstrations and rallies which were supported and backed up financially by oil companies, supplied by food and water using motorcycle have never seen in the history.

Money was funnelled from United States and Brits to support the agenda.

The doors of Cinema Rex, Abadan, was closed, locked, fuel used to arson the movie theatre and burned down, several hundreds of people died. Early crime of Khomeini and his brain-washed followers arson the theatre!

When knife cuts...
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