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World will never forget this laughing.

When time comes those who helped criminals to kill more should face world tribunal.

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,

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Beaten to Death in the hands of Islamic Republic!!

July 12, 2003;

'Evil Only Prevails When the Good Stay Silent

Zahra Kazemi, 54, was arrested around June 23 while taking pictures outside Tehran's Evin prison.

She was accused of spying and allegedly beaten so badly she suffered a brain hemorrhage and lapsed into a coma.

Apparently she was shooting picture from student demonstrations; she was abducted, taken to prison, beaten to death, hospitalized in the "Boghiyat-ol-llah, hospital under "Sepah Pasdaran" supervision, under the Sepah (Revolutionary Guard) custody. Zahra This is in spite of the fact that she was granted accreditation by the ministry of Information (IRI) to carry out reporting assignments. The Islamic Regime claims that she was traveling with Iranian passport and "we dealt as Iranian with her!!!" This claim by deputy of information ministry, clearly demonstrates the graveness of the INJUSTICE, and BRUTALITY by the regime toward its own citizens.

Kazemi died late Friday in a Tehran hospital after suffering a "brain stroke," Mohammad-Hossein Khoshvaqt, an official in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said in a statement carried by Iran's official news agency.

The Islamic Regime's officials have been pressuring the mother of the deceased (read assassinated) Kazemi to burry the body along with the evidences in Iran.

A spokesman for the Canadian Foreign Affairs department, Reynald Doiron, said; four Iranian cabinet ministers will lead the inquiry.

The Regime of Theocrat's has never been trusted for any investigation, and Iranian community in Canada in support of deceased family strongly demands the return of body to Canada for further autopsy and investigation. Also, merely it will be our strong suggestion to sever the Canada's diplomatic relations with Islamic Regime on the ground of this occasion and abuse of human rights in Islamic republic of ayatollahs.

The Canadian government should have exerted pressure in the case three weeks ago, ever since the Canadian citizen Zahra Kazemi arrested and beaten by the Islamic thugs.

Many representing Iranian community world wide held candle vigil nights, demonstrations and met with local governments' authorities to support Zahra Kazemi (Hashemi)'s sorrow in such disastrous lose of a family member; demanding immediate return of the body or exhumation and return of the body to Canadian authorities.

This is no longer an Iranian internal affair, it is international crime and it will remain all international authorities' responsibility to further investigate and demand Right of Humans in Iran.

If this is "how Islamic Regime deals with its citizens" then we have over 70 Million Iranians in fear. Zahra took picture only, she was not a criminal nor she was apostate, neither she was spying.

Update on violations of human rights in the Islamic Republic!!

September 15, 2003;

A Majlis member confirms:

The journalist was tortured severely before being murdered in the jail A Majlis member Mrs. Jamileh Kadivar confirms that the journalist Dr. Zahra Ziba Kazemi was tortured severely, including taking out her nails. Kadivar said that Kazemi was tortured in different ways; however, she called the news that Kazemi was raped “an unacceptable news.”
(The news agency of the labor union, September 5, 2003)

The judiciary branch continues to expose more on this case, and the newspapers from the reformist camp continue to publish responses to this affair. Most of the people in Iran claim that they are convinced that the journalist was murdered while were arrested by the revolutionary court of Tehran.

However, Ayatollah Shahroudi, the head of the judiciary branch, supports the revolutionary prosecutor. Shahroudi expressed his anger toward the Canadian Foreign Minister that called upon his colleagues in the European Union to take serious actions against Iran due to the death of Kazemi. The Canadian Foreign Minister said that his government reached a conclusion that the judge Saeed Mortazavi, the prosecutor of the revolutionary court of Tehran, “had a major and key role” in the death of Dr. Kazemi.
(www.emrooz.org, Tehran, September 6, 2003)

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