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Hanging (Execution) July, August, September 2020

IRI is the winner of the most execution in less than a year months

This site (holycrime.com) does not in any form support the mentality of minorities, separatists, or ethnic cleansing meddling that may cause separation of any section of Iran. This site believe in one Nation and one Land, Iranians and Iran period.

حیدر قربانی ۴۷ ساله محکوم به اعدام شد

06 August- 2020

دادگاه انقلاب سنندج حیدر قربانی را در اول بهمن ۱۳۹۸ به اتهام "قیام مسلحانه علیه نظام" یا "بغی" به اعدام محکوم کرد. حیدر قربانی به گفته وکیلش، نه هرگز عضو گروهی بوده و نه هرگز از سلاح استفاده کرده است. دادگاه اگرچه در حکم خود تائید کرده‌ که حیدر قربانی مسلح نبوده، اما با استناد به "اعترافات" تحت شکنجه قربانی، حکم صادر کرده است.

دیاکو رسول‌زاده و صابر شیح عبدالله اعدام شدند

13 July- 2020

اتهام رسول‌زاده و شیخ عبدالله شرکت در بمب‌گذاری شهریور ۱۳۸۹ در مهاباد بود. عفو بین‌الملل تاکید کرده است که بر اساس شواهد موجود، آنها بی‌گناه اعدام شده‌اند.

محمود موسوی مجد ۳۴ ساله اعدام شد

20 July- 2020

حکم اعدام محمود موسوی مجد یک هفته پس از ترند جهانی شدن هشتگ "اعدام نکنید" اجرا شد؛ هشتگی که در اعتراض به صدور حکم اعدام برای سه تن از معترضان آبان‌ماه، امیرحسین مرادی، محمد رجبی و سعید تمجیدی استفاده شده است.

امیرحسین مرادی، سعید تمجیدی و محمد رجبی به اعدام محکوم شدند

10 July- 2020

حکم اعدام این سه جوان که متهم به "مشارکت در تخریب و تحریق به قصد مقابله با نظام" شده بودند، از سوی دیوان عالی کشور متوقف شد. توقف این احکام و پذیرش اعاده دادرسی از سوی دیوان عالی کشور، در پی اعتراض‌های جهانی صورت گرفت.

Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari executed, says state media

12 September- 2020

Afkari was accused of stabbing and killing a man in the southern city of Shiraz in 2018.

Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari has been executed after being convicted of stabbing to death a security guard, according to state media.

Afkari was executed "this morning after legal procedures were carried out at the insistence of the parents and the family of the victim", Kazem Mousavi, head of the justice department in southern Fars province, was quoted as saying.

Authorities accused Afkari, 27, of stabbing the water supply company employee in the southern city of Shiraz. Iran broadcast the wrestler's televised confession last week.

But Afkari said he was tortured into making a false confession, according to his family and activists. His lawyer said there was no proof of his guilt. Iran's judiciary, however, denied the torture claims.

Afkari and his brothers were employed as construction workers in Shiraz, 680km (420 miles) south of the capital, Tehran. Iran may ban ‘luxury product’ imports
The provincial court in Shiraz also sentenced Afkari's brothers Vahid Afkari and Habib Afkari to 54 and 27 years in prison, respectively, over the killing.

Afkari's attorney accused authorities of denying his client a family visit before the execution, as required by law.

"Were you in so much hurry to execute the sentence that you also deprived Navid of a last meeting?" Hassan Younesi said on Twitter.

There was no immediate reaction by Iranian officials to the attorney's accusation.

'Very different' stories

Al Jazeera's Assed Baig, reporting from Tehran, said there are two different narratives about the murder.

"Outside Iran we're hearing that Navid Afkari was arrested due to these protests that took place in 2018 and alleged killing of a security officer. Inside Iran, it's very different. The judiciary released a statement a while ago - they said Navid Afkari was arrested after the murder of a 52-year-old water worker accompanying the Shiraz water company, and that murder took place on 23 July 2018.

"Navid Afkari was arrested by police a few days after, after they identified him using CCTV footage. As far as the judiciary is concerned, his arrest and conviction have nothing to do with the protests that took place," said Baig.

Afkari was shown performing a stabbing gesture during a police reconstruction of the killing while saying, "I hit twice, once and then again." Human rights groups frequently accuse Iran's state media of airing coerced confessions. Iran denies the accusation.

Iran to execute alleged ‘CIA spy’ involved in Soleimani's killing

The International Olympic Committee said the execution of Afkari was "very sad news", adding in a statement that IOC President Thomas Bach had written this week to Iranian leaders asking for mercy for him, while respecting Iran's sovereignty.

Trump's appeal

Afkari's sentencing had triggered a social media campaign that portrayed him and his brothers as victims targeted for participating in the 2018 protests. On Tuesday, a global union representing 85,000 athletes had called for Iran's expulsion from world sport if it executed Afkari.

United States President Donald Trump also expressed his own concerns.

"To the leaders of Iran, I would greatly appreciate if you would spare this young man's life, and not execute him," Trump tweeted earlier this month. "Thank you!"

Iran responded to Trump's tweet by running an 11-minute state TV broadcast on Afkari, which included the weeping parents of Turkman. Tehran housing cost skyrockets as people struggle to afford rent

The broadcast included visuals of Afkari on a motorbike, saying he stabbed Turkman in the back, without explaining why he allegedly carried out the assault.

The state TV segment also showed blurred police documents and described the killing as a "personal dispute", without elaborating.

It said Afkari's mobile phone had been in the area and it showed surveillance footage of him walking down a street, talking on his phone.

Iran's semi-official Tasnim news agency dismissed Trump's tweet in a feature story, saying that American sanctions have hurt Iranian hospitals amid the pandemic.

"Trump is worried about the life of a murderer while he puts many Iranian patients' lives in danger by imposing severe sanctions," the agency said.

Baig noted state TV has carried an interview with the parents of Hassan Turkman, and in it they said their son was murdered and they had the right to retribution.

They added, "the foreign media had not even bothered speaking to them when their son was killed, and that he left behind three children. So there are two very different narratives," said Baig.  

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Navid Afkari: Iran executes young wrestler despite global outcry

12 September- 2020

(Islamic Republic) Iran has executed a wrestler accused of murder, defying international appeals for him to be spared.

Navid Afkari, 27, was sentenced to death over the murder of a security guard during a wave of anti-government protests in 2018.

He said he had been tortured into making a confession.

Human rights organisation Amnesty International described Afkari's execution as a "travesty of justice".

In a leaked recording released by the group, Afkari says: "If I am executed, I want you to know that an innocent person, even though he tried and fought with all his strength to be heard, was executed."

Afkari was executed by hanging in the southern city of Shiraz, according to state media.

His lawyer said his client had been prevented from seeing his family before his death, as required under Iranian law.

"Were you in such a hurry to carry out the sentence that you deprived Navid of a last visit?" Hassan Younesi said on Twitter.

There had been many calls to stop the execution, including from a union representing 85,000 athletes worldwide.

The World Players Association said he had been "unjustly targeted" for taking part in the protests, and called for Iran's expulsion from world sport if it went ahead with the execution.

US President Donald Trump also appealed for mercy, saying the wrestler's "sole act was an anti-government demonstration on the streets".

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) called his execution "very sad news" and said their thoughts were with his family and friends.

"It is deeply upsetting that the pleas of athletes from around the world and all the behind-the-scenes work of the IOC... did not achieve our goal," their statement said.

Why were there protests in Iran in 2018?

Iran protesters 'flogged and electrocuted'

Afkari's brothers Vahid and Habib were sentenced to 54 and 27 years in prison in the same case, according to human rights activists in Iran.

In an audio recording leaked from the prison where he was being held, Afkari had said he had been tortured. His mother said her sons were forced to testify against each other.

His lawyer had said on Twitter that, contrary to Iranian news reports, there was no video of the moment of the security guard's killing. He added that footage used as evidence in the case was taken an hour before the crime took place.

The Iranian authorities have denied accusations of torture.

Afkari was a national champion in wrestling, a sport that has a long history and is hugely popular in Iran.

In 2018, protesters in cities across Iran took to the streets over economic hardship and political repression.  

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مصطفی صالحی از معترضان دی ماه ۹۶ اعدام شد

05-آگوست 2020

مصطفی صالحی یکی از بازداشتی‌های اعتراضات دیماه ۹۶ در زندان دستگرد اصفهان اعدام شد. صالحی سال۹۶ در شهر کهریزسنگ از توابع شهرستان نجف آباد استان اصفهان دستگیر شد.

خبرگزاری‌های ایران گزارش دادند که مصطفی صالحی، یکی از بازادشتی‌های اعتراضات دیماه ۹۶ سحرگاه چهارشبه ۱۵ خرداد اعدام شده است.
هرانا، ارگان خبری مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ایران یک روز پیش از این اعدام در گزارشی از انتقال آقای صالحی به سلول انفرادی جهت اجرای حکم اعدام خبر داده و گفته بود که بررسی‌های هرانا در تماس با نزدیکان این زندانی حاکی از آن است که آقای صالحی که در زندان دستگرد اصفهان محبوس است، طی ۲۴ ساعت اخیر با خانواده خود تماسی نداشته است. هرانا نوشت که این وضعیت و تداوم بی‌خبری از او بر نگرانی‌ها از سرنوشت این شهروند افزوده است.

صالحی به اتهام قتل یکی از اعضای سپاه پاسداران دادگاهی شده است اما او در جریان دادگاه این اتهام را رد کرد. دادگاه برای صالحی حکم "قصاص" صادر کرد.

خبرگزاری ایرنا نوشته است حکم قصاص دادگاه به تقاضای اولیای دم اجرا شده است.

خبرگزاری ایرنا همچنین نوشت که دادگاه صالحی در شعبه اول دادگاه کیفری یک استان اصفهان علنی برگزار شده است. اما رسانه‌های ایران از جزئیات اتهامات صالحی و همچنین درباره اینکه او وکیل داشته است ننوشته‌اند.

جمهوری اسلامی ایران به لحاظ صدور و اجرای احکام اعدام‌ در صدر کشورهای جهان قرار دارد.

نهادهای حقوق بشر ایرانی و بین‌المللی بارها به احکام اعدام اعتراض کرده و گفته‌اند که این احکام در شرایطی ناعادلانه و بدون آن که متهمان از وکیل مدافع برخوار باشند صادر می‌شود.

خبرگزاری فارس از خبرگزاری‌های وابسته به نهادهای امنیتی و سپاه پاسداران در مطلبی ضمن تائید اجرای حکم اعدام صالحی نوشته است که او از عوامل اصلی اعتراضات دیماه سال ۹۶ در کهریزسنگ نجف‌آباد بوده است.

خبرگزاری هرانا نیز در گزارش خود تائید کرده که مصطفی صالحی در جریان اعتراضات دی‌ماه ۹۶ در شهر کهریزسنگ نجف آباد در استان اصفهان بازداشت و پس از پایان مراحل بازجویی به زندان دستگرد اصفهان منتقل شده و در اواخر سال ۹۷ در شعبه اول دادگاه کیفری یک استان اصفهان به ریاست قاضی مرادعلی نجف پور محاکمه شده است.

پیش‌تر خبرگزاری میزان وابسته به قوه قضائیه نیز در گزارشی با اعلام اینکه پاسدار سجاد شاه سنایی در جریان اعتراضات دیماه ۹۶، زمانی که به همراه دیگر ماموران در تلاش برای باز کردن محور اصفهان-نجف‌آباد بود، با شلیک گلوله اسلحه شکاری کشته شد، از صدور حکم برای آقای صالحی در این پرونده خبر داد. با این حال پس از آن قوه قضائیه دیگر در این خصوص اطلاع رسانی نکرده است.

اگرچه ابعاد اعتراضات دیماه ۹۶ از جمله تعداد واقعی معترضانی که کشته شدند و شمار کسانی‌ که در این اعتراضات دستگیر شدند هنوز مشخص نشده با این حال طبق برآورد نهادهای حقوق بشری و فعالان سیاسی در سراسر ایران دستکم ۲۵ تن کشته و حدود پنج هزار نفر نیز بازداشت شدند.

رحمانی فضلی، وزیر کشور در یکی از مصاحبه‌های خود اعتراف کرد که اعتراضات دی ماه ۹۶ در ۱۰۰ شهر ایران روی داده است. برخی از مقامات سابق جمهوری اسلامی حتی گفته‌اند که دامنه این اعتراضات به ۱۶۰ شهر ایران کشیده شد.


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