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Islam and Iran over public floggings

A wave of public floggings and public execution in Islamic Regime have increased over recent months since June 2001 Mr. Khatami swept back to power.

Some 200 debates created among political and religious figures, it is questionable that why not in the mind of Amnesty International, not in mind of Human Right activists, not even in the mind of Western countries supporting Human Rights.

This seems to be another row of power struggle between conservatives and reformists over public executions and floggings.

It seems that western and mostly European community wants to join the Islamic Republic's judiciary keeping conservatives and reformists out of all oppression, executions, mass murders and floggings.

Sunday, September 02, 2001 the holy city of Qom presented two more instances two men identified as Majid Ch. and Majid S. were flogged in public.

Despite all negative fallout, the judiciary chief, Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi-Shahrudi, issued statement indicating; they were flogged in line with the demands of Islamic law," (IRNA reported.)

Victims of flogging are mostly charged consuming alcohol, drug or having extra-marital-sex including in Tehran's main squares.

Mr. Khatami never had authority over the decisions of the judiciary about public executions, public flogging, public stoning nor over their implementation. Mr. Khatami diplomatically says; " he is against the "politicizing" of the problem

The authoritative elements of the Islamic Regime never did hesitate to refer to Taliban (of Afghanistan) "ugly stone-age" actions but they always did much worse.

Kayhan International newspaper, reported in an editorial (September 2001). Youths and ordinary citizens should not be expected to be perfect, but sociologist and psychologists are in agreement that broad term of "repression" and "punishments" is not the corrective solution.

Not necessarily Islamic principles, such as flogging, torture, execution, beheading, can fit in a modern society of third millennium, no matter if approved by ayatollah from Qom, Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, or Ayatollah Mohammadi Gilani.

The deputies (Member of Parliament) are elected to defend people's right but a judiciary body warns them "The deputies should not cross the line in their debates and should not get involved in Islamic jurisprudence," Gilani said Thursday, August 30, 2001 in comments quoted by the Kayhan paper.

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