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World will never forget this laughing.

When time comes those who helped criminals to kill more should face world tribunal.

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December 06 - 2007 Hanging

Iranian hanged after verdict stay
Thur Dec 6, 2007 7:42AM

An Iranian man has been hanged for rape despite his alleged victims withdrawing their accusations and a judicial review being ordered into the sentence.

Makwan Mouloudzadeh, 20, had been found guilty of raping three teenage boys when he was 13 years old.

The hanging took place on Wednesday morning at a prison in Kermanshah province in western Iran.

Human rights groups say international law strictly forbids execution of child offenders, even after they become 18.

"On 11 November the head of the justice administration of Kermanshah received an order from the judiciary head, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, to stop the verdict being carried out," the lawyer, Saeed Eqbali, was quoted as saying.

"But the case, which was supposed to be reviewed in Tehran, was sent back from there to Kermanshah, and the execution was carried out quickly," the lawyer said.

Public execution

Clarisa Bencomo, of the US-based Human Rights Watch, told the Reuters news agency that she had received information that Mouloudzadeh's family had been to come and pick up his body.

Her organisation had spoken to people who had seen the body, she said.

As a state party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Iran has undertaken not to execute child offenders.

Amnesty international says Iran has executed five minors so far in 2007 and 27 minors since 1990.

The latest execution brings to at least 280 the number of people hanged in Iran this year, according to the AFP news agency. Many are public hangings.

Capital offences in Iran include murder, rape, armed robbery, serious drug trafficking, apostasy, adultery and homosexual acts between men.

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Man convicted of raping when 13 hanged in Iran

Published: December 06, 2007, 13:02

Tehran: A man who was convicted of raping three boys when he was 13 has been hanged in Iran.

Makwan Mouloudzadeh, now 20, was put to death in the western province of Kermanshah according to media reports in Iran.

However the case has been criticized by Human Rights Watch because a judicial review had been ordered and the accusers had since retracted their statements.

Iranian daily newspaper Etemad-e Melli, a reformist newspaper reported in November that judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi had ordered the execution be suspended.

Clarisa Bencomo, from Human Rights Watch, said: "We're appalled. Iran is the leading executor of children and juvenile defenders.

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به گفته وکيل متهم رئيس قوه قضائيه دستور توقف اجراي حکم را صادر کرده بود

جزئيات پرونده جواني که به اتهام تجاوز به عنف اعدام شد

جوان 20 ساله يي که متهم بود در 13 سالگي به سه پسربچه تعرض کرده روز چهارشنبه هفته گذشته در حالي در زندان کرمانشاه اعدام شد که رئيس قوه قضائيه دستور داده بود اجراي حکم وي براي اعاده دادرسي متوقف شود.

سعيد اقبالي وکيل مدافع جوان اعدامي، در گفت وگو با خبرنگاران گفت؛ مهرماه سال گذشته (2006=2545) پسرخاله موکلم طي نامه يي که به اداره اطلاعات و اداره آگاهي شهرستان پاوه فرستاد، مدعي شد طي يک درگيري موکلم او را به شدت کتک زده است.

سعيد اقبالي در ادامه گفت؛ حکم اعدام در حالي اجرا شد که شاکیان، شکايت خود را رسماً پس گرفته بودند و حتي به فرض اينکه تجاوز به عنف شده بود چون در 13 سالگي و زير سن مسووليت کيفري بوده است نبايد محاکمه مي شد. متاسفانه قاضي دادگاه شکات را به پزشکي قانوني نفرستاد و به استناد علم خود وي را به اعدام محکوم کرد.

اين وکيل دادگستري خاطرنشان کرد؛ هنوز اين نکته که رئيس قوه قضائيه در جريان اجراي حکم بوده يا خير براي من و خانواده موکلم پوشيده است و تا زمان مشخص شدن واقعيت پرونده را پيگيري مي کنيم چرا که او نه تجاوز به عنف کرده بود و نه محکوميت به جرم شرارت يا هر جرم ديگري براي وي وجود داشت