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Zahedanis Disrupt Executions and Fight Back!

On Thursday, August 05th, 2004; Zahdan was very tense, the Islamic Regime of Ayatollahs had announced on radio and TV that they would be executing 5 young Baluchis, on Thursday, at 5pm at the intersection of Amirolmomenin and Imam Khomeini streets. But the awakened Baluchis who have taken every opportunity to fight the regime, could not remain calm anymore after the first youth, a 25 year old, was publicly hung, and they exploded and started to attack the reimge by throwing stones, turning Zahedan into a street fighting.

As the anti riot police stepped in, the city became quite chaotic. As I write this, 2 hours have passed since the hanging of the first youth, and the regime who was scheduled to hang 4 more, has settled for just one hanging, because of the severity of the situation. Clashs between the youth and the regime's forces continue from Imam Khomeini street to Sa'adi street and also Shariati, Beheshti, Kamarbandi, and Mir Hosseyni streets as well.

It is quite possible that tonight Zahedan will have a tense time, because the youth who are completely fedup with these executions and recent harrassments have sworn vengence, and promised to steal away sleep from the butchors. During these clashes approximately 20 young and teenage Baluchis have been arrested, and several of the regime's forces have been injured from the stone throwing by the youth.

When knife cuts...
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