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World will never forget this laughing.

When time comes those who helped criminals to kill more should face world tribunal.

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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July 2007 Executions

Exteremly Graphic & Disturbing images

If you and your children are offended or disturbed by graphic images please do not scroll down

The crowd gathered to watch!!
Children are here as well!!
Something interesting and entertaining is taking place!!
a child rushes to catch up to the on going, he is arrested by standby soldier!
victim has to receive slashes before diying !!
fainted of the pain by slashes!!
a mother cry!! the crowd remains silent... !!
crane takes him up, up and up...
when he comes down, he is dead according to the stand by doctor army personnel.
he also is bloody from slashes
Where are the Human Rights organizations, Amnesty International, UN??
This is not funny, this is life of a man who is killed based on Barbaric law of ISLAM, "Ghesas" (Nemesis)!! no cross examination, no jury, no right to a defending lawyer...

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