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Mahaabaad, Iran, August 2007 - Human Rights?!!
چو دشمن گرامی شد و دوست خوار                به ناچار پیش آید این روزگار

If the enemy dearer and the friend despicable
This kind of situation is inevitable

Which Human Rights?
The Double Standards Of Western Governments particularly
the British & the European countries.
Human rights for the Europeans & the Brits is nothing but their access to oil and their economical interests. The savage west could not care less how long, how much and how many million lives get destroyed in Iran so long as it brings prosperity for their countrymen.
For the past 28 years, Iranians from all corners of the world have being submitting to the international organisations the evidence of Mullahs crimes such as the pictures below but their words goes to deaf ears.
We have continuously made representations to the British Government, the British parliament and the British media.

No sympathy, No humanity and perhaps the only expected reaction from the British is their joy & satisfaction that Iran continues to suffer.

Is this the same Europe that used to kick so much dust when few leftist or Muslim terrorist got arrested under the previous regime in Iran?
Gruesome images of the Mullahs most recent crimes in the Kurdish city of Mahaabaad in Iran. Another yong man has been shot dead publicly in cold blood .
Lord Treisman of Tottenham

The British Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: "Britain will oppose regime change in Iran and will continue it's policy of engagement". In an interview with the BBC Radio 4 London - April the 8th, 2007.

How many more killings before human rights in Iran becomes an issue? Have a restful night Mr. Carter, another life destroyed because of your actions in 1979. Mrs. Thatcher, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Lord Treisman, Thank you Mr. Javier Solana and members of the EU parliament thank you. Members of the world media, the BBC, The British media, the CNN, Washington Post, New York Times Thank you.

Courtesy of: respective sites

His Excellency Late Abod-Houssein Meftah 1899-1991.

Senior Iranian diplomat & Ambassador in many countries including Tunisia, India, Holland, Germany & Norway. Acting Foreign Minister under Mossadegh & late General Zahedi. A Great Iranian thinker, a legendary figure, politician and patriot
In an audience with the members of the British Parliament
 in 1984, his Excellency late Mr. Meftah said the followings:
1-  Every brick falls in this war, we hold Britain responsible. [A]
2-  Every blood shed in Iran, we hold Britain responsible.
3-  Every single life perishes in Iran we hold Britain responsible.
4-  You have imposed khomeini's madness on Iran. 
5-  You have created this mess for us.
6-  You brought the Mullahs to power.
7-  You are responsible for the pain and suffering our
8-  You have created this war and you are prolonging it. [A]
9-  You are destroying Iran and we will hold Britain accountable.
     Iranians will not forget nor forgive.
[A] Reference to the 8 year long Iran/Iraq war.