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Execution Since March 2004

 Tehran, Sep. 24 – At least 120 persons have been hanged in public in Iran since March, according to the state-owned press. A man was hanged in public today in the city of Ahwaz (southwestern Iran). Mohsen Sh. was accused of armed robbery.

His two alleged accomplices, Peyman B. and Shahin R., were sentenced to having their right hands and left feet amputated.

Last week the head of the public relations office of prisons in Hamedan province (western Iran) announced that the local Department of Justice had amputated the fingers of a burglar.

Iran has recently stepped up public executions, causing alarm among international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International.

A prisoner was hanged in Qazvin on Sep. 21. Another man was hanged in Tehran on Sep. 20. A third man was also hanged in the southern port of Minab on September 18. Nineteen prisoners have been executed since the beginning of this month, the local press reported.

Human rights activists report that many executions are not announced by the judiciary.

Courtesy of Iran Focus