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Arrival of evil!
"I have no feeling on my return to Iran!" Said Khomeini in a flight to Iran after 15 years in exile

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,
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Married woman stoned to death for adultery in Iran

Reuters, February 1, 1994

Tehran, Feb. 1(Reuters) - A married Iranian woman was stoned to death in Tehran's Evin prison for adultery and planning her husband's murder, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. Women Stone to Death

Pejvak Radio, (Sweden) - Persian Broadcast,February 2, 1994

Yesterday a woman was stoned to death for adultery and conspiracy to kill her husband. Keyhan newspaper yesterday wrote that her lover would be executed today for the murder of her husband.

Iranian adulteress stoned to death

Reuters, March 3,1994

An Iranian woman convicted of adultery was stoned to death in the holy Moslem city of Qom, a daily newspaper reported.

Special Taxis For Ladies

Jomhouri Islami, February 6, 1994 Since yesterday, the organization for management and supervision over taxis in Tehran, has allocated 300 taxis for the transport of female passengers only... The plan to allocate taxis only for ladies has been put to practice with the coordination of the headquarters for "enjoining the lawful and prohibiting from the unlawful".

A 14-year-old Girl sets herself on fire to defy marrying a 42-year-old man

Agence France Press,February 26, 1994

Tehran - A young-14-year-old girl, pressured by his family to marry a 42-years-old man, set herself ablaze and died, the weekly Zan-e-rooz wrote on Tuesday. Zan-e-rooz wrote the parents of the young girl had forced her marry the 42-year-old ma n. But she committed suicide before getting married.

Kayhan, May 30, 1994

My daughter is a specialist in applied physics. She has applied for work to various centers, unfortunately they want to use her as a sales person. Why are these people not used in specialist jobs? (signed) Ozra-M.


Kayhan, May 30, 1994

An insurance company on receiving 3,500 Tomans sells insurance for cars. In the contract it is stated that they will pay up to 8 million rails. In a case that happened for our family, there was a need for 6 million rials, but the company will pay only 4,450,000 rials and has said they would not pay the rest. They say we would not pay the full coverage because the driver was a woman, while in the text of the contract gender has not been specified. (signed) Reza - A


Agence France Press, June 11, 1994

Tehran - Police warned Iranian women against "untimely" smiles to strangers and behavior that would provoke "satanic desires". In a statement published on Saturday in the Jomhouri - Islami (Islamic Repuiblic), police pressures "women and young girls to keep themselves covered "before looking out the window". The statement adds "appearing without Islamic covering can arouse the covetous looks of the strangers and the satanic desires." It also warned women about "misplaced smiles" or behavior that could "expose them to corruption".

Ban for women to watch soccer games.

Agence France Press, July 12, 1994

Tehran - Iranian media wrote on Tuesday that Iran's officials have annulled the decision by the National Iranian soccer federation to allow women to watch soccer games. The annulment came in coordination with the head of Iran's athletic organization , Mostapha Hashemi-Taba. In a statement, the federation had said for the first time since the Islamic Resolution in 1979, families are permitted to watch soccer games. Since 1979, women have been banned from appearing publicly in sport's centers in the presence of men.

The doors of Cinema Rex, Abadan, was closed, locked, fuel used to arson the movie theater and burned down, several hundreds of people died. Early crime of Khomeini and his brain-washed followers arsoned the theater!