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July 8, 1980 (18 Tir 1359)

In Memory of Great Iranian Air Force Top Gun Hero General Ayat Mohagheghi

Known that behind each number and each name, there is a man, a woman, a child, a face, a smile, drop of a tear...

Put yourself in place of the condemned and imagine the solitude and loneliness of the moment when they come to take them away, this last voyage, where are you at this very moment, partisan of human rights?!

Why has the world suddenly become a vast desert where there exists only victim and his executioners?


Below is a list of all those who were affiliated to NAMIR or its military wing - NEGHAB - and were murdered by the Islamic Republic of Iran:                 ( following arrest on July 8, 1980,  or 18 Tir, 1359)

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Date        Location              Name
04/07/1980 Tehran A.Mohagheghi (general)
04/07/1980 Tehran G.Ghayeghran (non-commissioned officer : pilot)
04/07/1980 Tehran F.Jahangiri (non-commissioned officer : pilot)
04/07/1980 Tehran A.Kamiani
04/07/1980 Tehran A.Karimbar
30/07/1980 Tehran H.Kazemi (non-commissioned officer)
30/07/1980 Tehran M.Moradi (non-commissioned officer)
30/07/1980 Tehran S.Norouzi (sergeant)
30/07/1980 Tehran A.Mohamadi
30/07/1980 Tehran M.Assangochai
30/07/1980 Tehran Y.Mahboubian
30/07/1980 Tehran E.Mamaghani
30/07/1980 Tehran N.Sedarat
30/07/1980 Tehran E.Baroukhim
30/07/1980 Tehran M.B.Fard (lieutenant)
30/07/1980 Tehran Neyshabur Y.Khadjeh
30/07/1980 Tehran Neyshabur G.Jafari
31/07/1980 Tehran M.Farzam (lieutenant)
31/07/1980 Tehran H. Karimpurtari (non-commissioned officer)
31/07/1980 Tehran D.Jalaii (colonel)
31/07/1980 Tehran N.Yahyaii (lieutenant)
31/07/1980 Tehran N.Najaf-Nejad (sergeant)
07/08/1980 Tehran I. Soltani (corporal)
07/08/1980 Tehran H.Lashkari (lieutenant-pilot)
07/08/1980 Tehran M.Saghafi (lieutenant-pilot)
07/08/1980 Tehran A.Zarineh (colonel)
07/08/1980 Tehran H.Gohari (major)
07/08/1980 Tehran K.Alizadeh (major)
07/08/1980 Tehran A.Morvaridi (sergeant)
07/08/1980 Tehran S.Pourfahmideh (lieutenant)
07/08/1980 Tehran M.Najafabadi (lieutenant)
07/08/1980 Tehran M.Zahedi (lieutenant)
07/08/1980 Tehran M.Asgharian (non-commissioned officer)
07/08/1980 Tehran H.Abedini
07/08/1980 Tehran F.Azarian (lieutenant)
16/08/1980 Tehran E.Arab-Shirazi
16/08/1980 Tehran A.Awazzadeh
16/08/1980 Tehran M.Sajadi (non-commissioned officer)
16/08/1980 Tehran M.Farahpour
16/08/1980 Tehran Z.Momeni
16/08/1980 Tehran G.Khergani (sergeant)
16/08/1980 Tehran M.Kiani (sergeant)
16/08/1980 Tehran D.Bakhtiar
16/08/1980 Tehran G.NaghibZadeh (non-commissioned officer)
16/08/1980 Tehran H.Zamanpour (flight-lieutenant)
16/08/1980 Tehran K.Azartash (major)
16/08/1980 Tehran A.Azmudeh (colonel)
16/08/1980 Tehran C.Ahmadi (lieutenant)
16/08/1980 Tehran S.Mahdiun (general-pilot)
16/08/1980 Tehran M.Farnejad (non-commissioned officer)
16/08/1980 Tehran K.Mohamadi-Koubaii (non-commissioned officer)
16/08/1980 Tehran M.Tightiz (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran M.Mirlaki (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran M.Abedini-Moghadam (non-commissioned officer0
18/08/1980 Tehran K.Rahmati (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran P.Bayani (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran L.Lotfolahi (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran A.Habibi (lieutenant)
18/08/1980 Tehran N.Zandi (flight lieutenant pilot)
18/08/1980 Tehran C.Karimian (sergeant)
18/08/1980 Tehran O.Boyeri (flight lieutenant)
18/08/1980 Tehran A.Soleimani (flight lieutenant)
18/08/1980 Tehran D.Mazaheri-Kashani
18/08/1980 Tehran D.Fatehjou (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran A.Pourkarbassi-Dehi (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran D.Fateh-Firouz (non-commissioned officer)
18/08/1980 Tehran K.Afrouz (flight lieutenant)
18/08/1980 Tehran M.Azimifar (flight lieutenant)
21/08/1980 Tehran M.Arad (lieutenant)
21/08/1980 Tehran M.Sadeghi (colonel)
21/08/1980 Tehran H.Izadi (colonel)
21/08/1980 Tehran Asghari
25/08/1980 Tehran D.Rahbar (non-commissioned officer)
25/08/1980 Tehran G.Hamedani (non-commissioned officer)
25/08/1980 Tehran F.Javaherian (non-commissioned officer)
25/08/1980 Tehran M.Zade-Naderi (non-commissioned officer)
26/08/1980 Tehran G.Hejazi (female)
26/08/1980 Tehran D.Shomali
26/08/1980 Tehran H.Ahmadi
26/08/1980 Esfahan M.Altani
26/08/1980 Esfahan H.Karimi
26/08/1980 Esfahan S.Mozaii
26/08/1980 Esfahan H.Dari
26/08/1980 Esfahan A.Allahverdi
26/08/1980 Esfahan S.Hemati
26/08/1980 Esfahan M.Vesaali
26/08/1980 Esfahan B.Nikbakht (female)
26/08/1980 Esfahan E.Biglari
26/08/1980 Esfahan J.Hemati
26/08/1980 Esfahan E.Karimi
26/08/1980 Esfahan M.Karimi
28/08/1980 Tehran S.Bassani (female)
28/08/1980 Tehran M.T.Bahrami (non-commissioned officer)
29/08/1980 Tehran A.Almasi (lieutenant)
29/09/1980 Tehran H.Haleki (lieutenant)
29/08/1980 Tehran M.R.Javadi (lieutenant)
29/08/1980 Tehran H.Ahmadi (non-commissioned officer)
29/08/1980 Tehran J.Ranjbar (non-commissioned officer)
30/08/1980 Tehran A.Azizian (major)
30/08/1980 Tehran R.Soltani (colonel)
30/08/1980 Tehran A.Faria (colonel)
30/08/1980 Tehran I.Derakhshandeh (non-commissioned officer)
30/08/1980 Tehran M.Bahrami
30/08/1980 Tehran S.Shahbeui (colonel)
30/08/1980 Tehran I.Khalafbegi (major)
30/08/1980 Tehran K.Keyvanfar
30/08/1980 Ahwaz M.Borati (corporal)
30/08/1980 Ahwaz I.Marvdashti (non-commissioned officer)
30/08/1980 Ahwaz R.Yahyapasand (lieutenant)
30/08/1980 Ahwaz M.A.Mehrabi (non-commissioned officer)
30/08/1980 Ahwaz O.Atashboro
30/08/1980 Ahwaz S.Sotoudeh
01/09/1980 Tehran D.Asghari (officer)
01/09/1980 Tehran D.Raastgu (lieutenant)
01/09/1980 Tehran M.Fatahi-Nourdehi (non-commissioned officer)
03/09/1980 Ahwaz M.Hokmabadtchi (sergeant)
03/09/1980 Ahwaz E.Ostad-Nazari (lieutenant)
03/09/1980 Ahwaz F.Reissi (lieutenant)
03/09/1980 Ahwaz S.Dehgan (lieutenant)
09/09/1980 Tehran M.Sayah (sergeant)
09/09/1980 Tehran M.Rahbai-Nejad (lieutenant)
09/09/1980 Tehran M.Tajvari (lieutenant)
09/09/1980 Tehran B.Partovi (major)
09/09/1980 Tehran H.Mostafavi
11/09/1980 Tehran K.Atri
11/09/1980 Tehran M.Sadeghi (colonel)
11/09/1980 Tehran M.Sohaneki
11/09/1980 Tehran N.Morovati (lieutenant)
11/09/1980 Tehran N.Sajadi (non-commissioned officer)
11/09/1980 Tehran A.Mohammad (soldier)
11/09/1980 Tehran A.Shafigh (flight lieutenant)
16/09/1980 Tehran M.Tabrizi-Khatun
16/09/1980 Tehran E.Azadighaneh (non-commissioned officer)
16/09/1980 Tehran M.Jalali-Ghajar (major)
16/09/1980 Tehran S.Nour
13/07/1981 Tehran M.Khadem
10/08/1981 Tehran Amir-Tahmasbi (major)
10/08/1981 Tehran A.Abdolmalek-Pour (colonel)
10/08/1981 Tehran Didehvar (colonel)
10/08/1981 Tehran Mohajeri
23/12/1981 Tehran R.Marzban
23/12/1981 Tehran A.Mohebi
30/01/1982 Tehran A.Amir-Tahmasbi (colonel)
30/01/1982 Tehran K.Yarahmadi
30/01/1982 Tehran E.Seyrafi (colonel)
30/01/1982 Tehran A.Foroughi (colonel)
30/01/1982 Tehran A.Abdol-Malekpour
30/01/1982 Tehran G.Rahimi (colonel)
30/01/1982 Tehran M.Sabah (colonel)
30/01/1982 Tehran G.Biglou
30/01/1982 Tehran A.Mohajeri
30/01/1982 Tehran M.Lotfzari
30/01/1982 Tehran G.Naghib-Manesh
30/01/1982 Tehran G.Didehvar (colonel)
30/01/1982 Tehran G.Shahandeh-Ashtiani
30/01/1982 Tehran M.Khashayar
11/09/1982 Tehran R.Shahbakhti
11/09/1982 Tehran H.Moghbelzadeh

Of these victims, none had the rights
of an accused as foreseen in
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

List is courtesy of: IIAF

To view the text and list in Parsi please go to:
Iranian Alliance

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