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World will never forget this laughing.

When time comes those who helped criminals to kill more should face world tribunal.

Holy Crime, crime of clergy, Ecclesiastical crime,

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European parliament condemns
human rights abuses in Iran

Agence France Presse,
Oct. 28, Strasbourg

The European Parliament expressed alarm Thursday at the deterioration in the area of human rights in Iran, in particular those relating to press freedom and the death penalty.

"The situation in Iran with regard to the exercise of key civil rights and political freedom has deteriorated since the parliamentary elections of February this year despite commitments on the part of the government of Iran to promoting these universal values," according to a motion passed by the parliament.

"The National Security Council and the office of the public prosecutor are increasingly intervening directly with the press to influence the content of the reported news," it said.

The parliamentarians drew attention to the cases of eight journalists working for the electronic media, imprisoned for unknown reasons at an undisclosed location.

Websites -- "the Iranian public's only remaining means of access to uncensored information"-- were increasingly censored by the religious authorities, they said.

The parliamentarians said they were "appalled at the public hanging" two months ago of a 16-year-old girl. They noted that 25 minors had been sentenced to death in the past year.

They said they were deeply worried by the sentence of death by stoning passed on a 13-year old girl, Zhila Izadi, pregnant by her 15-year-old brother, himself sentenced to 150 lashes.

Death sentences and Executions

Four death sentences in Isfahan, Jiroft

Jomhouri Islami daily, Oct. 1 – Two death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court. The head of Isfahan’s Criminal Justice Complex said, “The death sentences for Mehrzad Vajeb Al-Hoquq and Hamidreza in Isfahan were upheld by the Supreme Court and they will be hanged on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Jomhouri Islami daily, Oct. 2 – Death sentences were issued for two people in Jiroft.

Execution in Ahwaz

Jomhouri Islami daily, Oct. 2, Tehran – According to the report of the Information and public relations office of the Justice Department of Khuzistan province, Hamid K. was executed on Wednesday, September 29, in Golestan Blvd, Kudak square in the city of Ahwaz.

Execution and a death sentence

Khorassan daily, Oct. 3 – Tarham Lotfi Ajirlou, resident of Qa’em Shahr, was hanged Sunday October 3 in public.

A 25 year old young man in Torbat Heydarieh received the death sentence.

Five more executed in Iran

Agence France Presse, Oct. 5, Tehran - Four Iranian men have been hanged in the northern province of Mazandaran, reports said Tuesday.

In addition, the student news agency ISNA reported that another man was hanged in public on Sunday in the town of Ghaemshahr.

Four more death sentences

Sharq daily, Oct. 7, Iran – A young man is sentenced to death.

Hamshahri daily, Oct. 7, Iran – A young woman is sentenced to death by the Supreme Court, her execution will be carried out on October, 13.

Hamshahri daily, Oct. 6, Iran – The Supreme Court upheld the death sentences of two young men which will take place soon. The two men by the names of Majid and Mujtaba are sentenced to hanging in public.

AI: Imminent execution of a woman

Amnesty International, Oct. 8 - Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh has reportedly been sentenced to death for the murder of her husband, who allegedly tried to rape her 15 year old daughter.

She is reportedly at risk of imminent execution.

Death sentences for woman, two men in Tehran

Sharq daily, Oct. 9 - Death sentences were issued for two men and a woman in Tehran. Fatemeh, Arash and Abbass will be executed in the Evin prison on Wednesday.

Man hanged in Ahwaz

Agence France Presse, Oct. 10, Tehran - An Iranian man, only identified as Mohammad D., was publicly hanged in the southern city of Ahwaz, the official news agency IRNA reported.

Tehran forced to postpone death decree for woman

Radio Farda, Oct. 11 - Following the international community's protest to the execution of Fatemeh Haghighat Pajouh, the Iranian judiciary was forced to step back and postpone her death decree.

Two more sentenced to death in Iran

Jomhouri Islami daily, Oct. 12 - Death sentences have been issued for two people in Tehran and Roudbar. These two people are Abbass Ali S. and Aziz M.

Woman sentenced to death

Sharq daily, Oct. 13 – A 28-year-old woman by the name of Fatemeh was sentenced to death in the 71st branch of Tehran province's penal court.

Two people hanged in Evin Prison

Etemad daily, Oct. 14 – Two people on death row in Evin Prison were sent to the gallows and hanged yesterday morning. One of them was a young man named Arash and the other was a middle-aged man named Abbas.

Two more executions in Shiraz

AFP, Oct. 15 - Two men have been publicly hanged in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, the official news agency IRNA said Thursday. The two men were identified as Mojtaba Amiri and Aziz Mardani.

Three teenagers on death row

Hamshahri, Oct. 17 – The Supreme Court upheld the death sentences issued for three teenagers. Five other teenagers are waiting in disciplinary centers until their execution sentences are approved.

13-year-old’s stoning sentence revoked

Radio Farda, Oct. 17 – Iran retreated from its stoning sentence of a 13-year-old girl in Marivan. According to an official news agency, the accused girl is sentenced to “prison with physical punishment.”

Stoning sentence for a woman and death sentence for a man

Aftab daily, Oct. 19, Iran – Iran's Supreme Court upheld the stoning sentence of a woman by the name of Sima and execution of a man by the name of Mohammad Reza.

Five people hanged

Kayhan daily, Oct. 19 - Five people were hanged in Sari and Qazvin. Those hanged in the city of Sari were identified as Mohammad Reza, Hamid Reza, Hossein and Reza.

Two executions in Tehran

Iran daily, Oct. 23 – The sentences for execution of two male youngsters were issued.

Two death sentences

Iran daily, Oct. 23 – The case of Hatam Gorgi's death sentence has been referred to Tehran's public prosecutor's office that is in charge of carrying out the sentences. Hatam will go to the gallows soon. The sentence of a young woman by the name of Akram has also been upheld.

25-year-old to be sent to the gallows

Etemad daily, Oct. 24 – The sentence for a 25-year-old man has been upheld. This young man will soon be hanged.

Young man sent to death

Etemad daily, Oct. 26 – An Iranian court sentenced a young man by the name of Mehdi to death and another man by the name of Alireza to 15 years imprisonment.

Arrests, Tortures and inhumane punishments

Scores arrested in central Iran for rioting

Agence France Presse, Oct. 3, Tehran - Scores of people were arrested last week in the central Iranian cities of Isfahan and Kashan when rioting broke out after a religious celebration, an official source said Sunday.

According to an official in the Isfahan governor general's office, police detained 70 people in the historic city on Thursday after they "vandalised a number of charity donation boxes and traffic lights".

The official told AFP that seven people were detained on Friday in the city of Kashan after several hundred young people took to the streets.

Amputation of a young man's hand

Jomhouri Islami daily, Oct. 16 - The Supreme Judge upheld the sentence to amputate the right hand of a young man by the name of Hamid H. It was carried out in public at 8 am in Ahwaz's Sheelang Abad region across from the Ahwaz-Khoramshahr highway in public in the city of Ahwaz.

Imprisonment and flogging of two men

Jomhouri Islami, Oct. 23 – Two men by the names of Jalil N. and Ali N. are sentenced to one year imprisonment with torture and 50 whips.

Girls and boys arrested for throwing a party

Kayhan daily, Oct. 24, Rasht – Twenty girls and boys were arrested in a party in Rasht. The 110 Special State Security Force arrested eight girls and 12 boys while dancing and celebrating.

13 year old schoolgirl facing death by stoning flogged 55 times

Iran Focus, Oct. 30, Tehran - Zhila Izadyar, the 13-year-old schoolgirl from the Iranian town of Marivan (north-western Iran) who is sentenced to be stoned to death is reported to be in poor health after she was lashed 55 times in prison.

Azad Zamani of the Society for the Protection of Children’s Rights has said that Zhila’s health has been rapidly deteriorating.

Zamani has managed to visit Zhila although under close supervision of the Iranian regime’s agents. Zamani stated that Zhila said, “I am scared; I want to go home; I want to be able to go back to school like other kids”.

Freedom of expression

Gilan's news reporter detained

Hambastegi website, Oct. 8 - Reporters without Borders issued a statement on October 7 and announced that Arash Sigarchi, a reporter from the Gilan Today newspaper had been detained for publishing a picture of the ceremony marking the anniversary of the victims of the 1988 massacre in Khavaran Cemetery. The reporter was summoned by the Department of Intelligence in Rasht and taken under interrogation.

Crackdown on Internet journalists in Iran

Reuters, Oct. 13, Tehran -- Iranian authorities have arrested at least six Internet journalists and webloggers in recent days, colleagues and relatives say, in a further blow to limited press freedoms in the Islamic state.

News-based Internet sites and online journals known as Weblogs have flourished in Iran where the disproportionately youthful population often turns to the Internet for information and entertainment. The hardline judiciary's muzzling of print media through the closure of some 100 publications in the last four years also meant the Internet became a haven for liberal journalists seeking a place to write.

Journalists and relatives named the six arrested journalists and Webloggers as Shahram Rafizadeh, Babak Ghafouri-Azar, Rouzbeh Amir-Ebrahimi, Hanif Mazroui, Omid Memarian and Mostafa Derayati.

"We do not know where they are being held. We heard they have been kept in solitary confinement," said a relative of one of the detainees, who asked not to be named.

Minister who converted from Islam risks Death Penalty

Asia News, Oct. 18, Tehran - Hamid Pourmand is a Protestant minister of the Assemblies of God Church. He converted from Islam several years ago. Since September he has been held in prison at an undisclosed location and under Iranian law he can be put to death for "apostasy against Islam"…

The September raid against the council of the Assemblies of God comes in the wake of several arrests of Christians in northern Iran in May and June.

In July 1994, Mehdi Dibaj, another minister of the Assemblies of God Church who was also a convert from Islam, was killed after spending nine years in prison for refusing to abjure his Christian faith and return to Islam.

150 people arrested in Shiraz

Iran Focus, Oct. 25, Tehran - At least 150 people have been arrested over the past two days in the southern city of Shiraz in the latest crackdown by agents of the State Security Forces (SSF), local residents reported. Eyewitnesses said that dozens of people, mostly youth, were arrested on the streets for their “un-Islamic attire”. A large number of people were reportedly arrested for “acting as a nuisance”. A young man was arrested for “eating in public” in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan according to friends accompanying him.

Imprisonment and flogging of a student

News Network, Oct. 26 - A student by the name of Soroush Farhadian was sentenced to one year prison, five years of suspended imprisonment, 40 lashes and payment of one million rials for distributing a declaration calling for boycott of the seventh Majlis elections.

Iran bans footballers with ponytails

Reuters, Oct. 28, Tehran - Iran has banned soccer players from sporting ponytails and sculpted beards as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of Western culture in the Islamic state, a soccer federation official says. The federation said on Thursday those who defied the order ran the risk of being banned from the game. "Soccer players with ponytails, hair-band and sculpted beards will be banned from playing or will be fined," Navid Majd, head of the federation's public relations office, told Reuters.

RSF deplores crackdown on press

Reporters Without Borders, Oct. 29 - Reporters Without Borders today deplored the arrest of Iranian journalist Fereshteh Ghazi, of the daily Etemad ("Confidence"), for working with reformist Internet news websites and expressed alarm at reports that the intelligence services were preparing to accuse her and five other imprisoned journalists of "adultery" in a bid to hide the political nature of their detention…

The five other imprisoned journalists - Javad Gholam Tamayomi, Omid Memarian, Shahram Rafihzadeh, Hanif Mazroi and Rozbeh Mir Ebrahimi - are expected to be accused of having sex with her. Some of them are said to have been forced to sign confessions. Such accusations by the authorities are common against political prisoners in Iran.


Iran women forced to stay home for German soccer

Reuters, Oct 6, Tehran - Iran's female soccer fans will be forced to watch a Saturday night friendly against Germany on television after authorities upheld a ban on Iranian women attending stadiums.

Iran's Football Federation said German women could attend the match but barred Iranian women, many of whom are the Islamic country's most passionate fans, often flooding streets after victories to blow whistles and brandish flags.

"Women are not allowed to be present at the stadium for Saturday's match, with an exception for family members from the German embassy," federation spokesman Shahram Vaziri said.

Other news

High drug addiction among Iran youth

Etemad daily, Oct. 11 - Over three million Iranian students are drug addicts.

Deputy Director of Tehran’s Education Department says the average age of addiction has plunged to 13 in Iran. He said girls are more in danger of addiction, because they are in worse psychological conditions.

Children in prisons

Sharq daily, Oct. 25 – There are presently 18 children under two years old in Evin, Raja’ii Shahr and Varamin prisons in Tehran Province. Across the country, 210 children under two years of age are spending time in prison beside their mothers.

High suicide rate in Iran

Iran Focus, Oct. 25, Tehran – The head of the coordination center of Iran’s security forces Mohammad Rouyanian, stated in his interview with ILNA yesterday that from the start of the Iranian calendar 1,600 suicides were reported throughout the country. Iran has one of the highest suicide counts in the world and experts blame it on poverty and depression associated with government crackdown on the population.

Courtesy of CSRI and AFP

Executions by hanging are carried out in Islamic Republic of ayatollahs in accordance with the Islamic "eye-for-an-eye" law of retribution, otherwise known as "qesas".