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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Two Iranian Women Hanged for Murder

Two Iranian women have been executed for taking part in the murder of a friend's husband, while the wife behind the plot escaped with a light prison term, according to the Etemad newspaper.

In its Tuesday edition, the paper reported that Zahra Baghshirin and Farahnaz Yuly were hanged on Sunday in a prison in Gachsaran in south-western Iran.

The two were found guilty of assisting a friend get rid of her husband by stabbing him in the back and beating him with batons. Another woman who participated in the murder received a 15-year prison term.

However, the wife of the murder victim, who had enrolled her friends to commit the killing, escaped with a three-year jail term given that she was not present at the scene of the crime.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Five More Executed by Hanging in Iran

TEHRAN -- Five Iranian men have been hanged, three of them publicly, for a range of offences including murder, rape and armed robbery, the Kayhan evening newspaper reported Wednesday.

The paper said Kazem Ahmadi, Reza Hamrahi, Mahmud Gozali-Reyhani were publicly hanged Wednesday in Ahar, in the northwestern Azerbaijan province, after being convicted by a revolutionary court in Tabriz of "waging war on God, corruption on earth, armed robbery, creating public fear and murdering four people."

Two other men, identified only as Morteza K. and Vahid A., were hanged in a prison in the north-eastern Semnan province for kidnapping and rape, the paper said.

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