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When knife might turn and cut the holder's hand..

A dangerous era has passed in Iran over the last 25 years. It is not that far away when the discussion about the ever increasing population of Iraq and Iran in particular, took place in Security Council of United Nations.

It is not too far back when Mohammad Reza Shah's government realized that high school levels and the graduates of the Iranian educational system in general, ranked below or fell behind every other industrialized nation in the world. Therefore, he thought of "Education Army" as part of his "White Revolution". Graduates, doctors, engineers, educators, dentists and specialists were deployed in every Iranian village as part of their military service, to teach and help to reduce the rate of illiteracy.

The religious fanatics under the influence of "mullahs" and/or ayatollahs, and in turn under British influence, opposed the Shah's land reform and disliked the education plan instigated by Shah for everyone. They were harbouring the belief that their religious teachings would be endangered. They preferred to draw a snake when teaching the word to an illiterate villager, rather than showing how to write it!!

The country was in the fast lane to progress and modernization; oil revenues were increasing rapidly, thanks to the Shah's guidelines and his oil minister Manoutchehr Amouzegar's administrative ability . It was in the process of embarking upon modernization and industrialization that Amouzegar and some other OPEC oil ministers were taken hostage by an imaginary "Carlos", the international terrorist!

This incident was a wake-up call to Iran and other members of OPEC. At the time, no sacrifice was made by either the oil producers or the oil buyers. Both parties, each adhering to its own principles, were locked in a stalemate. The world watched Iran and other oil producing countries with distrust and became worried about the supply of crude oil in the years to come. Heads of states at the G-7 meeting in Guadeloupe came up with a suitable plan to avert unexpected possibilities in the times to come.

Shortly thereafter, in 1979, Khomeini's so called "Revolution" materialized as part of an International Conspiracy to weaken Iran. Financial institutions, factories, private properties were attacked and destroyed. Starting with NIOC employees, finally nation wide strikes paralyzed the country. The world under cruel influence of Britain was not interested in modern Iran, nor did they ever like the idea of "Petro-Dollar" and the link of crude oil price to the manufactured products from oil or other resources. The giant oil companies with their respective governments, could not tolerate the fast track of modernization and industrialization under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi II.

The scenario of "Mass Mess" of 1979, written for Iran and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi II, was put into play. 2500 years of Iranian monarchy was wiped out and was replaced by a puppet regime of Mullahs under the pretext of "Nation Building" program as forced by Britain, USA and their allies onto the people of Iran.
A backward glance will show that every moment of such movement was guided by Britain, thanks to BBC, watched by other allies and received support from USA. Britain has always well demonstrated her expertise in religious matters : experienced in India since 1906; helped the establishment of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in March 1956; flipped over the history book of oil and reviewed Lawrence of Arabia's diary, decided to highjack the trend and eventually Ruhollah Khomeini was suggested to replace the monarchy in 1979.

(For in detail information  please go to the bottom of the page and click on How a Plot Convulsed Iran 1953/1979)

The true compatriots started having serious questions about "Religion" in general and Islam in particular. In 1980 the employees of the American Embassy were taken hostages and the Ayatollahs were believed to have been negotiating the hostages' freedom against the delivery of the Imperial family to the new regime. That, obviously, was what propagators liked the public to see. The situation smelled of oil. Iranians did not have a choice other than becoming progressively involved in the "Mass Mess".

People were promised "free" oil at their door steps by Khomeini, a delusion that never materialized. People were left with an alternative between "Red" and "Green" ballots to choose "Islamic Republic". People had to vote under the watchful eyes of "Guardians of Revolution" Pasdaran surveillance. Following the establishment of Khomeini's regime, many high-ranking officers were executed: Prime Minister Hoveyda,  Mrs. Farrokhroo Pardaa, Minister for education, Dr. Riyazi, speaker of Majles/ parliment, General Rahimi, General Pakravan, General Khosrow-daad, General Amin Afshaar, General Nassiri, General Neshaat, General Biglari, General Jahaanbaani, General Naaji, General Voshmgir General Aayat, General Malek, General Yazdi and many more. Many were assassinatedin exile: Prince Shahriar, the nephew of the Late Shah, Shapur Bakhtiar the last Prime Minister, General Oveisi, Dr. Ali Tabaatabaa'ei, Fereydoon Farrokhzaad the popular Iranian singer, Dr. Ghaasemloo, the  leader of Kurish party etc.  (for more detail please visit the other pages)

Why did the United States and western world tolerate a regime whose abhorrent attitude was proven by the terrorist act of hostage taking in 1980? One generous answer is the lack of reliable background intelligence about the religion and religious regimes. Another is the hope that United States fostered in believing the best about a new phenomenon called "Ayatollah", set forth by Berzhinski's (National Security adviser to Jimmy Carter at the time) doctrine as a "green belt" to block communism.

Nowadays, a quarter century after the event and in shadow of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack to New York City and Washington DC, even when the evidence suggested something very different, yet to a large extent, ignorance and hope covers the motivation.

Believing in Khatami and his famous "lie" about "dialogue of civilizations", or in a better word, many "buy-back agreements" in oil and other resources, prevented the USA and its allies to help the oppressed people of Iran, who have been crying for freedom and secular regime for over 27 years.

There are outstanding evidences that religions have ceased to demonstrate self-discipline or sense of responsibility among the civilizations. It is crystal clear that the Taliban, the Ayatollahs and other fanatics and fanatical movements in the world fail to exercise necessary prudence, foresight and responsibility. Living conditions have started deteriorating in the societies that have been ruled under theocratic regimes. This makes the curious minds remember the era of inquisitions in Europe for 12 centuries.

If the USA had a good knowledge of Islam and the other religions, she would not have built trust in them and would have expected the unexpected illogical consequences. If Jimmy Carter had a good knowledge of Islam and the other religions, he would not have built trust in them and would have expected the unexpected illogical consequences.

"And there is the type of man who gives his life to earn the pleasure of God …." Baghara 207, "God purchased from believers their persons and their belongings to give the paradise in return. They fight in His cause and kill and are killed, a promise binding on Him in truth through the Old and New Testaments and the Kuran, and who is more faithful to his covenant than God? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the achievement supreme." Tobeh 111. With these teachings in the form of religion, retribution and revenge is a personal duty, clearly said and feasible.

If the United States would not have failed to study religions and the Koran in particular, which clearly stipulates the personal duties and responsibilities, perhaps would have saved lives, money and dignity. Emphases on religious training expunge the human reason and foresight, and person feels accountable to exchange his/her life with promised heaven. Devoting to such values and standards for that matter under any religious standards is no longer a prerequisite, it is a creed.

Religions, Mosques, Synagogues and Churches might have disciplined the believers and taught wise standards of behaviour that would have kept people out of trouble and might have been assets to both individuals and the community. But those are feasible and useful or necessary in daily life on the basis of possessing mental health. Since the arrival of Khomeini and Taliban, religion has relinquished the self-discipline and has issued license to kill as well as take one's own life. Khomeini and his followers, on behalf of God, unconditionally forgive those who participated in "Jihad" against Iraqis (other Muslims) and brainwash individuals to walk on mines in exchange for "heaven's key" (small plastic keys made in an East Asian country). Part of the conspiracy theory suggests that the mass killing in the 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq has been the result of United Nations' concern about the ever increasing young population in Iran.

Anwar Sadat's assassination by a religious group, the Algerian massacre, suicide attacks on Israeli towns, genocide in the separated states of former Yugoslavia, bombing the Pan Am air liner by the Iranians, September the 11th, Madrid bombings in 2004 and the recent London bombings are a few notable examples. The world must have learned enough from such religious concepts which have been manipulated to create unstable, inverted and clear psychological disorders, both in individuals and the community as a whole. Who has been behind those terrorist acts? I shall leave it to you to discover.

Yet, these days the motives are very much hidden under the surface of propagators' goals and are the result of some connections between secret agents and other political bodies. This whole scenario resembles a knife that might turn and cut the holder's hand.

Just think about it.

How a Plot Convulsed in Iran 1953/1979 - Part 1
How a Plot Convulsed in Iran 1953/1979 - Part 2
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