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Ever since establishment of Islamic Regime in Iran, since 1979, the rate of crime and abuse of human rights has rise.

There has never been evidence of significant improvement in Iran's record as a major abuser of human rights. As in the past, the Islamic government of Iran went to considerable lengths to conceal its abuses and continued to obstruct the activities of international human rights monitors.

Therefore it is difficult to know precisely the details and numbers of such abuses. Similarly, domestic elements that might monitor and report on the government's activity, not only against ordinary citizens, but also against various group within the management.

Amnesty International and other human rights protector bodies used to report and act on abuse of such activities prior to the establishment of Islamic Regime. Perhaps because of some political, economical and econo-political reasons reports are ruthlessly suppressed, decreased and eliminated.

Islamic Regime continues to abuses International laws, the rate of crime continued to include denial of citizens' right to change their government. Ordinary citizen in demand of basic human rights faced widespread of torture, arbitrary detentions, lack of fair trials, repression of the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and association. Systematic repression of other ethnic religions, including Baha'I, Jews, Sunni and Armenian severely increased.

Women's and worker rights severely restricted. Women forced to wear black and heavy veil (Chador). Workers wages not paid for months, the condition of workplaces deteriorated significantly.

This website is determined to list, or post crimes of the Islamic Regime over pas decades in one place under one click of a mouse. We would like to take this opportunity to send our sincere thanks to those who helped us to combine, use or gather information, picture and other materials. Your help and constructive comments certainly will help us to improve the site.

Our visitors are warned - Some pictures and clips in this site might be the most shameful, most horrific, most abhorring pieces of evidences that you have EVER seen. Some pictures and comments in this website might be disturbing to certain individuals. You are using the pages in this website at your own risk. Your discretion is strongly advised.

Words cannot always appropriately express the horrible things that people do to each other, and to themselves. We have acquired a large collection of brutal, horrible crime scene photos ever since Mullahs invaded Iranian soil. If you were somehow under the delusion that crime has not gotten worse in recent decades, this will prove otherwise.


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